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Thursday 12 December 2013


Hi to the 'Gullible Diabetes Community' mailshot targets, drug shills and carboholics.

Yet another year has passed and we have successfully eliminated most of the thinking and intelligent posters, but some still remain, we must step up our efforts in the New Year to get rid of the few that are left. Once again Phoenix has done a magnificent job in pushing carbs and meds at every opportunity, her vilifying of saturated fats has been a master class. What would big pharma, wheel chair makers and Hope Warshaw do without her ? Sid has performed well this year, but clearly the old boy is on the way out. Sid's performance has been very lacklustre of late, let's have you back to your old ways soon Sid, your bullying, intimidation of newbies and rudeness set the standard for the forum, let's have less of the politeness and sensible posts. One more great low carb recipe like your moussaka, and you will be joining your old mate Kenny in oblivion.

Some of our punters have been complaining about forum downtime and the abysmal performance and speed of the forum, anymore from you shitehawks and you will be banned. The conker box of a server we run and windows 95 is plenty good enough for you slackers and lay abouts, so shut it. 

As you will have no doubt seen we have a new bunch of jokers who have taken over the forum. OK, we know they know next to feck all about good diabetes control, but they are doing a sterling job in keeping sensible posters away. Some of the punters have said the most popular thread, the three word game was over-taxing their brains, in view of this situation, we have started a one word game, never let it be said we don't listen to the members.

So my pedigree chums, get over to our shop and start spending big time. We are offering a 20% discount on our diet plates, diabetic hampers and recipe books. Punters spending more than a monkey get free postage and a free copy of Phoenix's guide 'How to up the drugs' and a signed photo of Sid 'the enforcer' Bonkers. BTW Noblehead, I know you are playing Pinocchio in panto again this year, but can you put in a bit more effort.

At this time of year we should remember friends who are no longer with us. What ever happened to Carbo, SarahQ, Jopar, Karen, Ali the mad dietitian and Kenny boy? Those people really knew how to rock and roll, sadly, you just can't get the talent these days. A special thank you to our mods, few people give these stars the credit they deserve, few people realise the sort of talent it requires to be as useless as this bunch of halfwits.

That's your lot, and remember, give us your money, let's see if we can increase the unanswered posts list longer than last year, those newbies in trouble and long term out of control are a pain in the butt

Merry Christmas.

Forum admin.


Anonymous said...

What you really mean is that you still have not got over being banned and you really thought DCUK would go down the pan without you.


Lowcarb team member said...


Are you so stupid to think we ever left ?

We have been posting non stop since the day we were banned.


Anonymous said...

We are all well aware of the sock puppets you provide.

The fact that you cannot post as Eddie Mitchell, the only diabetic with the answer to everyone's control, is what really gets to you.

Lowcarb team member said...

Keep taking those carbs and drugs my friend.

I never ever posted as Eddie Mitchell. Fasteddie was my forum name and I am still keeping up. 2500 posts deleted how cool is that.

Once again thanks for increasing our page views.


Lowcarb team member said...

Deluded Irene said...
What you really mean is that you still have not got over being banned and you really thought DCUK would go down the pan without you.

Banned maybe but according to DCUK e-mails me and Eddie are still valued members of the community. Call me cynical but it could be they are hoping to flog us some of overpriced products they advertise.

Going down the pan really! have you seen the state of the place lately I think it went down the pan a long time ago.

It's a disgrace that so many posts go unanswered check out the list, in my day that did not happen.

Stop press DCUK forum down the pan again check it out "This Webpage is not available"

I bid you goodnight Irene keep spreading the word that will keep Big Pharma's pockets bulging.

Sleep Tight
Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

You are full of so much hate, Eddie. It's very sad.

Lowcarb team member said...

Back again dear, if you call in the same time each day I'll get some tea and biscuits organised for you, hobnobs be ok ?