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Sunday 8 December 2013

DCUK Quote of the day !

"the prevailing opinion on the forums is that doctors are incompetent semi-vegetables who are conspiring to kill patients and hide miracle diets and treatment that would instantly wipe out diabetes at negligible cost"

AMBreadvan here.

Would these be the same Doctors that tell a non insulin using diabetic to eat starchy carbs with every meal, and send them on their way with no test strips and a prescription for Metformin ? That's not a conspiracy that's a fact. BTW I am told Breadvan is a trainee medic. Time he started using his loaf.

OK I'll get me coat.



Lowcarb team member said...

Have to feel a bit sorry for him.
I seem to remember that his diabetes was diagnosed just as he started his course.

Despite a few years of hearing the opinion of his profession on the forum he keeps returning.

I think he must know deep down that they are wrong.

I would be far happier to think that they were vegetables.Its the fact that I am sure many of them really know better which upsets me......


Anonymous said...

Instead os skulking over here why don't you have the courage of your convictions and address his perceived problems on DCUK using your Unbeliever hat?
As he is clever and witty, something you are not, it would be interesting to see his reply.


Lowcarb team member said...

Breadvan "clever and witty"

You are clearly on too many drugs. The guy makes Bonkers look like Prince Charming and as for wit, he is devoid of any humour whatsoever.


Lowcarb team member said...

Oh Irene, You cut me to the quick!

Did you actually read my post?

The only problem I referred to was his T1 diabetes, I sincerely wish I could address that for him and
everyone else just by going over there.

Actually I did intend to answer a post of his from yesterday but the site appears to be down.

I have never had a problem wih A M Brennan - and we have had many exchanges in the past. He is a very earnest young man -certainly totally humourless but he does try to help when he can.

As a T1 he has never had to face the problems that other types face. T1 would in a way probably be easier for him to cope with.

I think he is just of that particular cast of mind where he still believes that everything has a logical answer and that the experts know best.

He will learn. I have nothing whatsoever against Alex Brennan Irene. I don't skulk anywhere and I don't believe it matters which hat I wear.

Do I know you as someone other than Irene? I appear to have rattled your cage. I am sorry to have to say this Irene, but if you can interpret any of my comments as an attack on AMB then I am not impressed by your wit or cleverness either.I was defending him!