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Monday 30 December 2013

DCUK The low carb good news never stops !

"Since going low carb, 18 months ago, I have lost 5 stone in weight and got my BS readings down to between 5 and 7, my doctor took me off insulin and all has been great.

Yesterday morning, I tested my BS and got a reading of 8.7.............I tested again at around 5pm and the reading was 8.1.

The only 'different' food I have eaten, from my normal diet, are a few Nuts (Dry Roasted Peanuts) and some pickled onions (I checked the Carbs on both)......this morning my BS read 9.5.............could it be the nuts or onions?

Must say I am feeling really disappointed, especially after being 'level' for so long..........I even went and got a new BS Tester from the Doc's, just in case the old one was faulty.....still the same reading."

Had low carb let the member down ?

Then shortly after the member posted this.

Hang on.......I had a cortisone injection on Saturday, could that be the cause?

As always and for the last five years, it's low carb that works and keeps on working. Yes a cortisone injection and a hundred and one other reasons can lead to temporarily raised BG numbers. But overall low carb is the way to diabetic and non diabetic salvation for most.

The low carb antis and naysayers never get fed up with losing, but lose they always will. The correct diet and exercise using nil or minimal medication will always win.

Link to the story here.


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