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Friday 13 December 2013

Man banned from every supermarket in Britain for masturbating in Sainsbury’s meat aisle !

"A man who was caught masturbating in the meat aisle of a Sainsbury's store has been banned from every supermarket in Britain - unless he is supervised by another adult. Eugenio Freitas, 49, was captured pleasuring himself through his trousers for 10 minutes on CCTV cameras. The married father of four went to the store in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire “fully intending” to go shopping, but then became overwhelmed by his “excessive sexual drive”, a court heard.

Witnesses reported Freitas to staff at the local supermarket who phoned the police. One staff member said she had noticed him loitering in the aisles before shoppers complained, but gave him the benefit of the doubt, believing he was simply “adjusting himself”. Judge Paul Glenn told him: “These sort of offences cause distress and alarm. “You told your probation officer you have a compulsion for masturbating in public. You seem unable to identify and deal with the consequences of what you do.”

If I was that guys lawyer I could have got him off (no pun intended) Let us not forget it was only last week when the UK Newspapers were telling us masturbation could ward off type two diabetes, according to medical experts. Don't ya just luv this crazy world we live in.

Link to the guy fighting off diabetes here.



Anonymous said...

Give us a break. T1s can have a hard enough time finding a quiet place to inject prescription insulin, without expecting a place for a quick wank
Duck Fiabetes

Anonymous said...

It would appear from the headline that the meat aisle was the problem.
Wonder if he would have been OK in the fruit and veg aisle?