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Saturday 14 December 2013

Why low carbers can never lose !

This came in as a comment today, worth a new thread I reckon.

“You must spend all your time looking for articles that support low carb and are anti diabetic drugs/insulin. How about posting some articles that do not agree with your bias?”

It is true we are 100% biased towards low carb, because we know nothing else works for diabetics. For so many non diabetics low carb has been their salvation. A diet based on sugar and starch, which the bulk of the western world eat, does no one any favours.

Why would we promote a lifestyle that has proved not to work. Why would we champion drugs that do not work and cause serious side effects, are expensive and in some cases kill. Many illnesses have be brought about by lifestyle, only a change of lifestyle can reverse the damage. Everyone wants an easy answer, but there are no easy answers. Obviously type one diabetics and others must use medication, but the evidence shows, minimal medication and a healthy lifestyle, and the optimal diet, is the only method that works. The optimal diet is low carb high fat.

For over five years I have asked Doctors, Diabetes Nurses, Dietitians, forum members and blog commenters, how do I hold non diabetic blood glucose numbers, a good lipid profile, and stable weight on two metformin pills per day, other than low carb. Never once has a sound and realistic alternative been offered. As I said earlier, nothing else works, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Low carbers  will never lose, it’s the only logical option. Why take unnecessary drugs when a diet of fresh food as shown in my post here can return a person to good health ?

So anonymous poster come back and give me an argument, inform me why I should drop a healthy diet, in favour of increased medication and the accompanying risks and side effects. My money is on you will not return to debate the issues, people like you make a lot of noise, but never have anything useful to say.


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Galina L. said...

People can also improve their blood sugar levels by practicing starvation. You can put some articles that support such emergency intervention, then ask what would be the more practical choice.