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Sunday 22 December 2013

Sian Porters take on Ketogenic diets ! Has Sian been spoofing us all along ?

Does the ketogenic diet work?

There is certainly scientific evidence behind the diet, with those following it having the potential to lose up to two pounds of weight each day; though the amount of weight lost does vary from one person to another. It’s far more effective than traditional high carbohydrate low-fat diets, which so many people simply find don’t let them achieve continued weight loss after the initial few weeks. A low carbohydrate diet reduces levels of insulin within the body – the hormone which triggers hunger and encourages the body to store fat – allowing the body to start using fat as fuel instead of carbohydrate. Ketones are produced as a by-product of fat burning and you can check you are in a state of ketosis by testing for levels of these using test strips available off-prescription from pharmacies. While you’re free to eat as much protein as you want on the ketogenic diet, going overboard may not allow you to maximise your weight loss, as when taken in excess, protein is converted into the sugar glucose, which will start to raise levels of insulin and therefore promote hunger and fat storage.

If you search for Sian at Linkedin you find the information below. As you can see a personal website is listed. Click on the website live link and you go to site called dietitians unlimited. The wonderful information above is from the website together with praise for low carb. The $64000 question  is, has Sian been spoofing us all or has she seen the light, we need to be told !


Link to Linkedin here.

Link to dietitians unlimited here.

Sian Porter MSc(Econ) BSc(HONS) RD MBDA's Overview

  • Spokesperson at The British Dietetic Association
  • Consultant Dietitian/Queen of the Hill at Mole Communications
  • City University (GB)
  • London Metropolitan University
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Anonymous said...

Where did you get those comments from - cannot find them on linkedin? That website does not mention her.

Lowcarb team member said...

Go to the Linkedin site for Sian, click on her website, and it takes you to the dietitians unlimited site. The info stands good !


Galina L. said...

It looks like she noticed LCarbers on the comment section of her articles, like that one

Anonymous said...

The link seems dodgy - no mention of her at all !

Lowcarb team member said...

Live link to Galina's NHS article the truth about carbs.


Lowcarb team member said...

Sian Porter and her ilk should retire. The information they spout is dangerous and often depends on who is paying the fees.

You accuse us of bullying while people like you kill and maim people. You accuse us of bullying while you hide in the shadows anon.

You stick with your out of date information and lies, you clearly do not care about people, where is your website or blog, what do you do, other than moan. Porter is a fat menace that takes money to spread BS and cause confusion.

BTW Merry Xmas