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Monday, 16 December 2013

Monday Mix

Typical bad Monday weather where I was. Heavy rain during the night and it continued through the day - the sort of weather that could well dampen spirits. But I didn’t find that today.

Monday started well with a great low carb breakfast of ham, eggs and mushrooms. I then thought I’d better go out and get some shopping. Of course it had slipped my mind that it’s only ten days ’til Xmas - the roads were busier, the shops were busier everything took longer. Oh well go with the flow I thought.

Well, I think others had the same thought because whilst queuing at the supermarket check out, filling up at the petrol station, even waiting at the Post Office counter everyone seemed to be in chatty moods. I heard what people thought of the UK X Factor result. Who they thought should have been voted out of “Strictly”. Even what peoples relations were doing for Christmas and what gifts were being bought. Some-one had been celebrating a 50th Birthday, the Community Spirit of friendliness was certainly about today - everyone seemed buoyed up by it. It was GREAT.

Coming out of the Post Office I was greeted by a mother with her toddler who was intent on helping mummy post the Christmas Cards. The only trouble was instead of being posted in the nice red post box they were being deposited in the waste bin. The toddler thought it was great posting the letters through the whole in the bin …. LOL. The mother patiently withdrew them and then helped her young one put them in the right place. Bought back memories when one of mine did similar! They also had a love for picking up stones and posting them through wholes in fences but that‘s another story.

Well we had a lot of rain in the UK not like Lynda over at Living The Life Blog. Pop over and see her great beach pictures.

If sun and sand isn’t your thing then Jeanette at For Life blog can certainly show you some snow. Wow can’t the inter-net be a great place for moving around the world.

Having zoomed around the world it’s time to finish getting our great low carb dinner ready. It’s chicken thighs (with skin on) with some roasted celeriac and mashed swede. As Eddie would say great grub and I’d agree.

Have a great evening and if you’re wrapping Christmas presents Happy Wrapping.

All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Your breakfast sounds good. Val

Lynda said...

Haha.. I thought I recognised that beach photo!! Sorry to show off but there will be more - we are spending two weeks there soon :)

Lowcarb team member said...


Look forward to seeing the photo's Lynda - have a great time

All the best Jan