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Saturday 28 December 2013

The restaurant that serves up rejected food.

Rub & Stub restaurant in Copenhagen is battling against waste - by serving up food that the supermarkets won't sell.
The restaurant offers meals made from vegetables and fruit rejected by the food industry because of sell-by dates and over-buying.
The restaurant has two paid employees - a project manager and head chef - but all the other staff are volunteers. It is funded by Danish charity Retro and profits go towards development projects in Sierra Leone.
Chef Ditte Jensen told BBC News why she believes it is possible to make delicious meals from rejected food.


Anonymous said...

Yes, so much food is wasted. What a good idea.

Anonymous said...

We are all guilty of throwing food away. When so many in the world are going hungry. We should all shop more wisely but also think about those less fortunate than ourselves.Just look at the Oxfam, Unicef, Save the Children appeals. Val

Anonymous said...

This is a throw away society with items not made to last and standards far lower than before. The mindset needs to change.These women are doing well.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the people who had trolleys filled to the brim at Christmas did eat everything. Eyes larger than their tummies the old saying went I think. Correct me if not.

Galina L. said...

Great idea! I hate food waste. People waste food and whine about saving environment at the same time.