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Tuesday 17 December 2013

Dr.Troy Stapleton - I Manage My Type 1 Diabetes By Eating LCHF

Another must watch video. Check out the video at 14.40 our website  gets a mention. Nice to know we can even help a Medical Doctor with our information. Low carb high fat not just for type two diabetics. Eddie


Anonymous said...

Very good stuff; it's very refreshing to hear a Doctor speak so eloquently about what we all know from our personal experiences.

I couldn't find a single flaw in his talk; so what are the reasons for eating carbohydrates again?

I'm jealous of his 'no bolus' regime; I need to take bolus in the morning even though my breakfast just consists of coffee and Berocca and chasing my children about.



Lowcarb team member said...

This video is excellent.

I am not a diabetic and I follow a low carb high fat lifestyle. It just makes sense to me.

Thanks for your comment Dillinger

All the best Jan