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Friday 13 December 2013

Greed and stupidity knows no bounds ! New Victoza trial.

"Liraglutide is a tried and tested diabetes treatment, so we know it is safe." Says  Dr Paul Edison. If that is so why does this drug also known as Victoza  carry a black box cancer warning, why is it under the FDA spotlight because of serious and life threatening side effects. Why has the US based Public Citizen been trying to get the drug banned for almost two years ? because the drug can cause “Thyroid cancer, Pancreatitis and Kidney failure”  that's why !

Big pharma in its never ending search to get more people on drugs for life is at it again. This trial will almost definitely be a failure, the drug is next to useless as a diabetes drug, what use any one thinks it will be for Alzheimer’s beggars belief. But that’s the crazy world we live in, let’s face it big pharma would recommend the drug for an ingrown toenail if they could get away with it, greed and stupidity knows no bounds.


A trial has begun to see whether a drug used to treat diabetes can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
The study will involve 200 patients with memory problems due to early Alzheimer's. Laboratory research suggests that the drug, liraglutide, reduces brain inflammation, improving the growth of brain cells and the connections between them.
Patients will be recruited in London - at Imperial College and King's College - and sites in Oxford, Southampton and Swindon.
"New drugs can take decades to filter through and cost billions," said Dr Paul Edison, Imperial College London, who's leading the trial.
"Liraglutide is a tried and tested diabetes treatment, so we know it is safe. This trial will show within three years whether it can slow the progression of Alzheimer's."
Alzheimer's Society is providing more than £300,000 towards the project. Dr Doug Brown, Director of Research and Development said: "This exciting study suggests that one of these drugs can reverse the biological causes of Alzheimer's even in the late stages and demonstrates we're on the right track.
"We are now funding a major new trial to bring it closer to a position where it can be improving the lives of people with dementia.'
More on this story here.
Link to Public Citizen here.

Post edit.

How Victoza works.

"GLP-1 is normally released from your small intestine when you eat. It slows down the process of food leaving your stomach, which helps control your blood sugar levels. In some people with type 2 diabetes less GLP-1 is made, which causes less insulin to be produced. Victoza® helps make more insulin available in your blood to help lower blood sugar levels quickly."

Maybe they could try reducing sugar and starch in the diet. Hang on a minute, no money in that, forget I ever mentioned it.


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