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Sunday 8 December 2013

Santa's On His Way !

Out and about this afternoon it was very cheering to see the Christmas Trees and Lights that are beginning to show in peoples windows as you walk or drive by. Call me a big kid but I still love to see them twinkling away.

My sister and family had their annual tree dressing get-together yesterday and she reported that as usual it is brimming with lights, tinsel, baubles. Some of the baubles are ‘family antiques’ and have been used over the years as her children have grown - woe betide her if she ‘got rid’ of any. They still give delight and provide memories as to when and where they were bought. 

The grand-children have their Christmas Trees and decorations up although I’m told the Santa Stop Here Sign isn’t going up ’til Xmas Eve …. Magical times.
Eddie and I have made a start with Christmas preparations but we’re waiting another week before our tree and decorations go up. Although I have to say the Christmas Cards that have already been received and are standing on our side table look very cheerful and welcoming.

I love seeing the excitement and smiles on children’s faces, and having our own grand children makes it an especially happy time. The three who are at school have been busy learning Christmas Songs, making Christmas Cards and decorations. Importantly they have contributed to the Christmas Decorations by providing empty toilet rolls and kitchen rolls …. Don’t those Santa’s look great!


With rehearsals well under way for the end of term concert and School Nativity, as if that wasn’t exciting enough a ‘Pirates Day’ has recently been held. This has been a great subject to learn about at school. Drawing and colouring treasure maps, hearing of swash-buckling times, searching for gold and hidden treasure. The wealth of different subjects that have been bought into the Pirates theme by the teachers has been amazing, and I applaud them. From Art, Maths, English, Geography, History, Singing, Drama the children have had the opportunity of some fun learning, and when you’re four years old what a lovely way to find out and discover what this world is about.

Here is The Pirate (courtesy of a slightly fuzzy mobile phone picture)

All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Children do enjoy dressing up. No inhibitions I suppose. Val

tess said...

I enjoy the yuletide festivities too -- call me an overgrown kid! :-) enjoy!

(...and those ARE great Santas!)

Anonymous said...

Pleasent read, thanks.


Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for the comments.

The team do try to give a wide range of reads, and cover many different topics.

All the best Jan