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Saturday 1 October 2011

Bangers and mash

Bangers and celeriac mash with roast fennel and green beans.

Sausages are Sainsbury’s very lowcarb, ultimate outdoor bred 97% pork, at 1.2 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams, i.e. 3 sausages 200 grams 2.4 grams of carb. Add the mashed celeriac and fennel. A very tasty meal and very lowcarb, a very easy to prepare meal.

Peel a celeriac and cut into small chunks around an inch square, about 25mm in new money. Boil or steam for around 15 minutes. Drain off water and mash with a couple of knobs of butter. Place the sausages in a Pyrex dish and add the fennel with a little butter. Roast at 200c for around thirty minutes, turning every 10 minutes, ladle some fat over the fennel. Warm up the mashed celeriac in a micro wave for a couple of minutes. Poor over some gravy (a beef oxo cube) Voila, a great lowcarb and tasty meal. It won’t break the bank and shouldn’t raise BG numbers to an unacceptable level.


Anonymous said...

This looked so tasty, we had it for dinner tonight was very pleased with the recipe.

Thanks for another good idea.

Anonymous said...

You just can't beat a good old fashioned British meal. You did have me fooled at first as I thought it was going to be potato! What a great idea to use celeriac.

Anonymous said...

Eddie eating mashed spuds not a chance, I hope !! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yummy had some of these lovely sausages for supper tonight. Great British Grub.