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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Pocket-Sized Sensor Gives Instant Fat Burning Updates.

Fitness fanatics may soon be able to gauge if their hard work is paying off without the need for weighing scales thanks to a new device that can instantly tell if your body is burning fat.

The device has been presented today, 25 July, in IOP Publishing's Journal of Breath Research.
Acetone is primarily produced in the blood when fat is broken down; however, it is also expelled through tiny sacs, called alveoli, in the lungs during exhalation and is therefore present in exhaled breath.

This new device, which is capable of detecting acetone concentrations in the range of 0.2 to 50 parts-per-million, is just 10 cm long, weighs 125 g and requires two AA batteries to operate.

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Anonymous said...

This could be useful to all those who take their fitness seriously


Lynda said...

Sorry, off topic but I just had to share. The lunatics are running the asylum !!! New Zealand, the land of good natural butter... well read on...