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Thursday 25 July 2013

From the right honourable Mr. Sid Bonkers at the forum of flog today.

“I've never taken any supplement apart from cod liver oil for arthritis not that I have noticed any improvement I tend to think that they're a waste of time and money unless you have been told following a blood test that you are deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral. I'd rather spend my money on a balanced diet to ensure that I wont not be deficient in any vitamins in the first place.”

Good grief ! I read this today and thought Jeez I agree with Sid one hundred percent. Believe it or not Sid was awarded the Wally Corker prize for the advancement of lowcarb, when he published this stunning recipe, complete with a great photograph. Never say we don’t give credit when credit is due.


Link to the great recipe here.


paul1976 said...

I actually made this recipe from Sid and it was lovely actually..I'm hardly on Sid's christmas card list lol but credit where credits due except for the retsina wine!


Lowcarb team member said...

I agree Paul, what serious drinker would drink that bats piss, but as Sid likes to say, we are all different.

The sun is over the yard arm, and I am off to a nice little drinker near my fishing club and a spot of fishing. Jeez do I need to get out more or what.


Anonymous said...

I to agree with 'Sid Bonkers' that supplements should not be taken unless advised to by your health care professional and after blood tests being done. I believe if you take them without proper care and attention they could do more harm than good.

I did try out the recipe when you first highlighted it and it is very good, but would enjoy a red wine with it as first choice. Are we 'low carbers' drinkers? I'm sure a glass of water with it would be just as nice?