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Monday 29 July 2013

Lowcarbers Have We Got It All Wrong ?

We have worked hard to tell our stories, we have worked hard for the lowcarb cause, some of us for years. Imagine this scenario, we all wake up tomorrow, and find out the Governments and food advising outfits all over the world, have come clean. They admit they have been mistaken, and hoodwinked by multinational food outfits and big pharma. That a huge change in policy has taken place. The way forward is less carbs, and stop eating highly processed junk food. That basing our meals on lot’s of fresh vegetables, quality meats, fish, eggs and dairy. Nuts, seeds, and lowcarb fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, was the way forward to a better and healthier way to live. Where would that leave us ?

Well, with everyone going for our sort of grub, we would be in big trouble. The price of the food we eat would go through the roof. Unless we got to the supermarket at the crack of dawn, only high starch/sugar junk food would be left. No way could farmers and producers of fresh quality food, be able to keep up with demand. Are you getting my drift ? Maybe we should stop promoting the benefits of a low carb lifestyle, maybe we should all blend back into the woodwork, and keep what we know to ourselves. Just a thought.

Some low carb. fruits. Strawberries 6 grams. Blackberries 5.1 grams. Raspberries 4.6 grams. per 100 grams.



paul1976 said...

Hi eddie! Hmmm...grow our own perhaps..'Farmer' NOT 'Pharma' being the motto?;)


Lori Miller said...

I got a couple of pounds of tallow suet for free the other week, and now my burgers taste like heaven. I guess I could say goodbye to such deals!

But maybe a lot of people would become well enough on a proper diet to raise some livestock. Think of how many resources go into medications, therapy, and public assistance, and how much productivity is lost due to illness and inertia. In Jay Wortman's study, one 70-year-old man became well enough to retire from retirement and go back to doing construction work.

Mike said...

I think we will be alright. If demands shifts from carbage to real foods, supply should shift to meet growing demand and prices will adjust accordingly. Having said that, I occasionally still go to some sites and promote veganism to limit demand.

Galina L. said...

I have been getting grass-fed fat for free for two years, now I have to order it in advance and pay, it is chip so far, but I worry about organ meats prices in a future.
Probably, it is time to stop LC our propaganda.

blinkered said...

A novel approach eddie . Might just work.
Rather than evangelising about low carb, treat it as a secret -only to be divulged to the Chosen Few.
Possibly even charge for admission to the excusive club wih all its secrets. After all what is more precious than health?
The "antis" would be breaking the doors down rather han mocking and attacking.,

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant motto 'Farmer NOT Pharma.'

Am I right,, when a little while ago Sweden had a shortage of butter because an awful lot of Swedes starting buying butter which is far more healthy and stopped buying the awful spreads which are filled with chemicals. Shame people of countries can not start growing their own vegetables, the size of gardens modern homes just isn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

It is true Jean the size of modern gardens do not allow for much vegetable growing and do people want to do this now? It is a shame