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Wednesday 31 July 2013

Metformin Pill Linked To Longer Life !

You guessed it folks, it’s another study based on the long suffering mouse. If I had a tenner for every headline I read regarding a mouse trial or study, I could afford to send welfare parcels to Bill Gates. The article concludes with "What we don't know however is whether similar effects on lifespan might be produced in humans."This is something that we cannot simply take for granted and the study's authors do well to sound a note of caution"

That’s the usual conclusion. What I often ask myself is, how easy is it to get funding for this malarkey. For instance, could I get a fat funding cheque for some mouse experiments that conclude the same way as this metformin trial. How about this for a trial. I get fifty mice, separated into two groups, twenty-five I leave in peace. The other twenty-five I hit with a cricket bat. Conclusion, hitting a mouse with a cricket bat can be fatal. OK  I’m talking complete bollocks (what’s new cry the antis) but jeez, you know what I mean. I am not getting paid, but these boffins are, and we are paying, one way or the other.


More on the madness here.


Anonymous said...

You have to feel sorry for the mice. There must be some way I can do a study and be paid?LOL
I do think some researchers are paid for stating the obvious


Anonymous said...

Just L U V the way you put a story together