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Sunday 14 July 2013

Why I find a low carb lifestyle so easy.

I have been living the lowcarb lifestyle for five years now. I am not a diabetic and have never been over weight. All the other team members are diabetics, they live this lifestyle because it keeps their blood sugar numbers low. I live this lifestyle because I believe it is a much healthier way to live life to the full. I have had people question. Don’t you find this limits your choice of food? Don’t you find you get tired? Don’t you find you get more ailments? The list of questions is often long. When we have friends around for lunch or dinner everyone enjoys the meals we prepare for them. It often comes as a big surprise when we tell them how low the carb content was in the meal they have just enjoyed. For instance look at the salad pictured below. Great food, easy to prepare, tasty and satisfying .

Smoked and peppered Mackerel salad

Smoked mackerel carbs 0.5 per hundred grams, apple raisin and walnut coleslaw carbs 8 per hundred grams, cabbage and carrot coleslaw 4.8 per hundred grams, tomato 3.1 per hundred grams, iceberg lettuce carbs 1.9 per hundred grams, cheese 0.1 per hundred grams.

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All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

It's nice to have such a calm, normal person say how easy eating a low carb diet is! That meal looks wonderful, I love smoked mackerel, and it's very cheap and filling.



Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Carole

Jan runs the voice of calm section, we can’t all be lowcarb Hezbollah militants. Jan cannot understand why there is so much negativity on blogs and forums regarding a dietary lifestyle that is so obviously better than a 60% carb/sugar diet.


Anonymous said...

All you have to add Jan is a low carb strawberry cake

Doug ( laughing out loud )

tess said...

I find it easy to stick to, too, in contrast with a lot of the anti-preachers. :-D

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Doug

Yes those low carb cakes are delicious, and a definite favourite with us. Thanks for your comments and support, much appreciated.

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Tess

Yes, a low carb lifestyle works for me, as it does for the growing number world wide. Many thanks for your continued kind comments and support, it's appreciated.

All the best Jan

Lynda said...

Yes Jan - this is so true. People have such a crazy vision of what a low carb diet is! People can't imagine any food without wrapping bread or a bun around it these days. There is just so much amazing food to be had that does not spike our blood sugar and how could that possibly be bad for us - I'm so sick of hearing people saying that a lower carb diet is unhealthy. It is how we are designed to eat.