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Tuesday 30 July 2013


Dear forumers on the flora,
By the time that you read this, it will be too late - I will be gone.
Sorry, that came out all wrong. What I meant to say is: by the time I read this, you'll be gone. Banned, banned, banned. Banned in the wink of my eye - which, incidentally, is an eye that I've had on you all for quite a while now.

I fear that few people realise the time and commitment that's involved in my tediously refuting and rebuking every single contrary opinion fired at me from across the interweb. It isn't just a case of immediately hitting the ban button. First there needs to be a fair and open-minded interchange of the ideas which surround any conflicting viewpoint - THEN I'll hit the ban button.

Hence I've taken the decision to preemptively ban all forum members rather than risk the possibility of any future descent into dissent. This move thus enables me to devote more of my valuable time to my main hobby: ridding cyberspace of petty-minded egotists.

In the interests of preventing any vicious backbiting, the remaining member of the moderation team would be very grateful if you could all now turn off your computers and disappear.

Lord Beantipper 


Anonymous said...

Lord Beantipper is very astute

Anonymous said...

"ridding cyberspace of petty-minded egotists." these come in all shapes and sizes