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Tuesday 30 July 2013

You don’t need a fat wallet to stay slim !

In a perfect world some of us lowcarbers would live on fillet steak, lobsters and scallops. But in the real world most of us have to live on a budget. The retired, and most families with children, have incomes that are shrinking. Salaries are fixed for many these days, and when you take into account inflation, which I believe regarding food, is way above the number we are told by Government, times are tight. So, do you need a fat wallet, or purse, to stay slim, and eat good lowcarb food ? I don’t believe we do. The meal featured below cost around £2.00 per person, roughly $3 US dollars. Four large legs of chicken from Sainsbury’s economy range cost £2.00, some broccoli baked in double cream, to which I also added some grated cheese, and some left over mashed Swede from the night before.It tasted great and was very filling. In fact you may find one piece of chicken with a selection of non starchy vegetables suits you better. Tuck in and enjoy!

All the best Jan


Unknown said...

Eddie wrote: Four large legs of chicken from Sainsbury’s economy range cost £2.00


Are you sure they are not fake chicken legs? Perhaps they are legs from hormone fattened Urban Grouse aka feral pigeon.

Anonymous said...

As a family we eat chicken quite a lot. Tend to buy whole chicken and roast. Saving the left overs for another day. It works well.

Lowcarb team member said...

"feral pigeon" I have wondered how Jan feeds the pair of us on a tenner a week, now I know why all the vermin is disappearing in the hood !


Anonymous said...

With food costs rising it is a good idea to look out for bargains. Chicken is popular in our house, we often have it served, my partner does a great roast.