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Friday, 6 January 2012

Carbo aka Tubolard, still missing the point! And still morbidly obese!

Well for some, it looks like the New Year will be the same as the Old Year. Especially over at Carbo's asylum, for the carb and medication addicted. Carbo is still looking for a pat on the back for going from close to 410lbs around three and a half years ago to close to 280lbs today. To be fair, that kind of weight reduction is to be applauded, and is very difficult to achieve, but still leaves Carbo in the morbidly obese range. Unless he is over seven feet tall. To give you a yard stick, Wladimir Klitschko, World Heavyweight boxing champion, weighed 17st 4lb when he fought David Haye, who incidentally weighed 15st 2lb. Now these guys are naturally very strong, large framed and very heavily muscled. See where this is going? Good. 280lbs is not where anyone should be, after well over three years of trying to get to a safe weight, especially for a type two diabetic.

Carbo also states, "I don't believe that any one diet is better than any other, in fact I believe that you'll find this statement repeated throughout this blog." Yes, it is indeed mentioned throughout his blog, and clearly illustrates, he still knows next to nothing about weight reduction, and control of Type 2 diabetes. The key to controlling weight and Type two diabetes is the control of insulin, full stop. Whether injected or naturally produced. Control your insulin levels and you can control your weight!

Let me give the 'dullards' a clue, carbs are the foods that raise BG and insulin levels the highest. A reduction in calories may well leave a type two diabetic in highly dangerous BG territory. A severe reduction in carbs, usually reduces BG numbers dramatically, with many needing nil meds, and acheiving non diabetic BG numbers. Weight loss is all but guaranteed, as is a huge improvement in lipids. I have never met a low carbing type two, that did not reduce trigs to way below the recommended level and did not see a marked improvement in HDL.



Anonymous said...

Is it true that carbo's a 20 stone midget?


Anonymous said...

Carbo is on a suicide mission, why don’t you let him get on with it.

graham64 said...

"I don't believe that any one diet is better than any other, in fact I believe that you'll find this statement repeated throughout this blog."

As usual tub's is not telling the full story, he neglected to mention his use of Orlistat to help achieve his weight loss, which just shows his low fat diet did not work and while he remains a carb addict never will.

As for the statement "repeated on this blog" the anonymorons are stuck in a loop regurgitating the same crap in a parrot like fashion.

Anonymous said...

Is Jimmy unaware of carbos use of drugs to help with his diet, if this is the case then surely Jimmy should be told.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Joe, I doubt Jimmy knows, though I should imagine he will be informed. It beats me why anyone on a low fat diet would have to resort to Orlistat smacks of desperation. At least we now know who ate all the pies! You can see were carbo/tubs is coming from by his favoured blogs "My Carb Sane-Asylum" being one which Jimmy will be well aware of. Another though I doubt many will have heard of it is "Type 1.5 diabetes blog" she is well known to us however as phoenix on DCUK forum, and is an anti lowcarber who gives her backing to Hope Warshaw RD who is a godsend to the big pharmas!


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Graham

Don’t start me off about "My Carb Sane-Asylum" jeez I tried to understand where that woman is coming from and it gave me a head ache !

A Carb-sane asylum reader asks:

I have spent about half an hour on your blog trying to find some kind of specific entries that explain why you, per your headline, don't buy what most of the low-carb community says about why it works, but you live it anyway.
Do you have a post or two that sort of sums it up? Because I just got lost and it seemed that in order to understand what you were talking about I would have to commit to starting at the beginning and read everything, including all the links - AND I'd have to have the ability to understand it all, which I do not.
So... could you give me a hand in getting a grounding in how you seem to be pretty hostile to a whole lot of low-carb stuff while living low carb.

One thing’s for sure, she is besotted with Jimmy Moore. Thin line between love and hate and all that. I can see why Carbo is an avid fan. They both write a good post, but years on, still very much over weight. Have you seen her pics, work in progress for sure.

As for phoenix, well she does have the courage to admit who she is (unlike carbo/tubs and his misfits) and place her photograph and videos on the interweb. She has also stated she bases her meals on carbs. It’s a pity someone so bright and well informed, wants to side with the antis, especially when so many lowcarbers do not have the benefits of insulin, pumps and test strips.


graham64 said...

A comment was made made by one of tub's minions saying tub's A1c was lower than Eddies, that is complete bullshit. Admittedly it's lower than mine but diabetes is much harder to control on a high calorie diet, tub's could never handle my diet because it requires something he's devoid of WILLPOWER.

I also hear I supposedly take a load of meds, well here's a list of tub's meds:

Metformin, Ramipril, Statin, Felodipine, Aspirin, Orlistat and supplement Omega-3

And this is mine:

Metformin, Adalat, Omega-3.
(the met only taken at night with snack to help with dawn P)