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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Confirmation received Kenny boy is Angeleyes !

After computer analysis, and consulting our huge files on known anti lowcarb high fat  miscreants, and saboteurs, together with special agent Dick ducks report, we can confirm with 99.999% certainty the fired and disgraced forum mod, Kenny boy, is Angeleyes.

Analysis conformed the same arrogant tone, the I know all the answers, the rants against saturated fats, the grovelling references to the Bonkers one, the almost frenzied posts re hypos etc etc. The clincher for Dick, was Angeleyes posting of a gif file showing a man banging his head against a wall posted today. This is not a standard item on The last time the gif was used, was by Ken in December 2009.\%20p112323
Dick stated, I have one keen sense of smell, and I smelt a rat as soon as Angeleyes posted. Our data backs this up.


Anonymous said...

Black-Ops have done it again. Trolls have no place to hide.


Hypo Man said...

So anyone can have hypos can they, better bear that in mind, next time I catch the bus I'll ask the driver if he checked his BG before he left the depot. "Flying" if you are you'll need to ask the pilot and co-pilot the same question. Then there's taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, and not forgetting the police and even the old lady on the mobility scooter.

It should be made compulsory for all to check blood sugars every 2 hours, and carry gluco tabs and a packet of hobnobs.

Willie Eckerslike. said...

We totally agree with Hypo Man, a lobbyist from Bell Pottinger will be working on our behalf to influence David Cameron and George Osbourne, hopefully we will see some progress, after all money talks.

Willie Eckerslike.

On behalf of
BBI Healthcare

Anonymous said...

Well Kenny boy has well and truely had his arse kicked tonight:

Anonymous said...

Kenny boy is a ... a female!


Anonymous said...

"Kenny boy is a ... a female!"

Well that takes "Bent copper" to a whole new level!