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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Great Grub !

Check out the nutrients in a kiwi fruit. OK at around 10 carbs per 100 grams it’s a bit carby. When you consider the average Kiwi fruit weighs around 70 grams, half is only around 3.5 carbs. Thinly slice and serve with some double cream, great grub and very high in vitamin C.

Click on chart to enlarge.  

For more info on this great food check out the Worlds healthiest foods web site.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what? My grandson loves kiwi fruit. Whilst at my local supermarket this week thay were on special offer. I served them up sliced with some double cream for the adults but the little'un had some ice cream with his. Before you could say 'Jack Robinson' he'd woofed it down and asked for more.

From a proud Gran

Anonymous said...

What a lovely simple dessert to serve up with double cream and full of good nutients.

We also like blueberries and strawberries with double cream.


Anonymous said...


We too like the berries with double cream

You can't beat fresh fruit