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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Dave Brubeck Dead: Jazz Legend Dies Aged 91 RIP.

A sad day for me, Dave Brubeck has passed on, a great musician and innovator, he will be sadly missed. His drummer for many years was Joseph Albert Morello (July 17, 1928 – March 12, 2011) was for me one of the all time greats. I played drums for around fifty years, and Joe, blind for many years was one of my gurus and governors, he was total class, and taste personified. Check this vid out, the first and maybe only hit record in 5/4 time.



Anonymous said...

Absolute Class with a capital C.

Great musician and yes great innovator. Everyone tonight is humming that famous tune.

RIP Dave Brubeck


Anonymous said...

Brilliant and the music will live on. He got to a good age, may he now enjoy his rest.



Jeff said...

Just listened to the 'vid' thanks for posting it although you can't get away from the brilliant Dave Brubeck tonight, he is everywhere and deserves to be.
Rest in Peace, What a Legend, long live his music, I for one will continue to enjoy it as many other jazz fans will