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Monday 22 April 2024

Earth Day 2024

Today 22 April is Earth Day and every year, millions of people across the globe gather on Earth Day to celebrate the environmental movement.

The event began in 1970 in the United States, and is now marked around the world.

What is happening for Earth Day 2024?

The 2024 theme, "Planet vs. Plastics", aims to raise awareness of the harms of plastic pollution for human and planetary health.

Previous events have covered a range of environmental issues, from climate change and clean energy to protecting species and the benefits of tree planting.

This year's focus comes ahead of an historic UN treaty on plastics, which is expected to be agreed by the end of 2024.

More than 50 countries, including the UK, have called for an end to plastic pollution by 2040.

But the organisers of Earth Day want to go further, and are calling for a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Organisers have suggested that people could volunteer for a clean-up event or learn more about the damage done by plastic pollution.

Here are some tips for Reducing Plastic Waste

You already know that plastic waste poses a massive threat to the planet’s health. It’s hard to avoid plastic entirely, but there are ways to reduce your plastic use and the amount you put in the landfills.

1. Use reusable shopping bags and produce bags. Bags made from hemp or organic cotton are ideal, but also reuse whatever plastic bags you already have in your home.

2. Stop using plastic bag and containers to store food. Opt for glass, metal, and silicone instead. Repurpose your clean mayo jars to make salads, store nuts, and more.

3. Get biodegradable kitchen garbage bags. They usually cost a bit more per bag, but it’s a small investment in sustainability.

4. Buy loose leaf tea. A 2019 study concluded that tea bags can be a hidden source of microplastic pollution. At least check to make sure your favourite tea comes in plastic-free bags.

Remember To Recycle!
Do all you can to recycle and always take advantage of your municipal recycling programme.

Do please share any tips you may have on how to reduce plastic waste in the comments. 
There is more to read about Earth Day here

Enjoy your day.

All the best Jan


Elephant's Child said...

How I wish that every day was Earth Day.

Kim in Oregon said...

I hate to admit this but--I didn't know one could purchase biodegradable garbage bags! Off to find them now, thanks!

Tom said...

...some recycling isn't exactly the way it was been sold to us!

My name is Erika. said...

I didn't know there was a theme for Earth Day this year, but anything to do with plastics is a good one. I enjoyed reading about this day. Happy new week.

The Happy Whisk said...

Yes the microplastics in things like tea, cheese and other stuff including rice, is unexceptable. Yet somehow, here we are. Ugh.

Christine said...

Thanks for the tips

Margaret D said...

Good to read.
We don't used plastic bags on the Island, just some things at the supermarket unfortunately, but we are getting there.

jabblog said...

50 years of 'Earth Day' but really how much has it achieved? Joe Public can be aware and do what he can, but if big business is not invested in it, nothing much will change. (Sorry, Monday morningitis!)

Barwitzki said...

For example, yesterday I went shopping at the farmer's and put the meat and sausage in the packaging I had brought with me.
That means there was no trash. Tomorrow I'll cut the rhubarb straight from the bed and bring it into the kitchen... no waste - apart from the rhubarb trimmings.
I take the packaging for the eggs back to the farmer and he refills them.
There are many things you can do. However, in many cases your hands are tied. And then it feels good to relax in nature.

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

It's vital we make every human being aware of the importance of recycling before we totally destroy our beautiful world. This topic needs to be introduced to people from the earliest age possible, from home to school. Selfishness is harming nature and wildlife so much and we are destroying our planet. The people in the high seats need to dig deeper into their pockets and work together harder to develop a master plan if they care.. I watched a horrific program only yesterday regarding Greece and it's mountains of plastic waste shameful as they have a high tourist rate, I think it's a topic to talk about infinitely.. we just all need to CARE!! x

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Make less waste to save on re-cycling.

God bless.

Linda said...

When we watch Gunsmoke, I notice all the times they use something for which we are using plastic and they don't. It seems we get a lot of plastic pill bottles. Doc dispenses meds in a paper folded over pills. I am quite sure there is a lot of ruined pills, but it makes me wonder how we use plastic for everything. I would be willing to take the bottle back to be refilled. Instead, we save pill bottles for the animal shelter to use for animal meds. They can have one more use as we whirl around the earth.

I can remember when Clorox and vinegar came in gallon glass jugs! It seemed that plastic was such a savior.

roentare said...

It is a day worth celebrating

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks for the good tips and I too am trying to reduce my use of plastics and to that end recently recycled plastic containers and am now just using the glass ones already owned. Of course, they have plastic tops😉but these are reusable. Have you ever tried wool dryer balls or detergent sheets as these are items we have been considering.

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...


R's Rue said...

Happy Earth Day

Norma2 said...

Jan, I don't think reuse is the solution. They should be replaced with biodegradable ones

Jeanie said...

A terrific post, Jan. Happy Earth Day!

ashok said...

Love the message

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

The first Earth Day I celebrated was in 1971.

Happy Earth Day!

Iris Flavia said...

We use our backpacks since ages. But I see that students have so much money they buy plastic bags when grocery shopping! Often I see them bringing their recycle bottles in them and throw them away, buy new ones.
We don´t use bags for compost, we are lucky and live ground floor so I leave them on a board and throw them out at once. I re-use paper-bags for paper- and plastic-recycling, but ... I admit.... I use tea-bags.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for covering Earth Day today. For me, plastic is possibly the worst invention ever. I was born on Earth Day and do everything I can to teach others how to care for the earth. I have three compost piles going at all times and I use compost in my planters. I am surprised we have not made better strides to protect the earth, but I blame at least part of the problem ion th8e states on Trump. When he was president, he reversed so many things. He allowed pollution to increase and deforestation in much of Alaska. Thanks for this lovely post, Jan.

Lowcarb team member said...

Beatrice P. Boyd who said...
Thanks for the good tips and I too am trying to reduce my use of plastics and to that end recently recycled plastic containers and am now just using the glass ones already owned. Of course, they have plastic tops😉but these are reusable. Have you ever tried wool dryer balls or detergent sheets as these are items we have been considering.

Hello and many thanks for your comment.
You asked 'Have you ever tried wool dryer balls or detergent sheets as these are items we have been considering.'

No, I haven't but it is my understanding that wool balls are a less wasteful option than dryer sheets. It may be worthwhile to do a little more research on these items.
I did find an article here that may be of interest to you (and other readers)

Happy Earth Day

All the best Jan

Jenn Jilks said...

Happy earth day.

carol l mckenna said...

Marvelous post for Earth Day ~ Wow~ thanks,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores ~
aka (A Creative Harbor)

baili said...

Happy earth day dear Jan
thanks for lovely sharing
and thanks for tips for plastic
plastic use is worrying and i wish we can hear some good news about it in future near
blessings to you and family

Bob Bushell said...

A brilliant idea Jan, lets all us get really get to rid of oil rigs.

Debbie said...

this is a great shared a lot of information that i did not know!! and tea bags, i had no idea!!

Conniecrafter said...

After seeing all that plastic floating in our waters I have been doing all I can to reduce the plastic, We are all need to do our part for our planet!

Teresa said...

Un precioso día para celebrar y cumplir. Besos.