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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Clique Generalissimo returns !

The anti lowcarb, anti dietary fat clique are jubilant at the return of super troll Kenny boy. Albert has denied being Ken, but he regards being called Ken on the flog as a compliment ! Ask yourself, if I called you Ken would you regard it as complimentary ? you see my point.

In no time at all the clique leapt on the thread with the usual misinformation. Albert was quick to state.
“Excellent post as usual phoenix, you can always be relied on to be factual and objective.” Albert gushed.

Not for the first time phoenix was rather slippery, why, because she left out some highly relevant information !

"Moreover, a 2-year study of weight loss diets, using either low-fat, Mediterranean, or low-carbohydrate strategies, reported a significant regression of carotid atherosclerosis, irrespective of the dietary intervention. On the other hand, the Women's Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial, the largest long-term randomized, controlled trial of a dietary intervention conducted to date, including 48 835 postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79 years who were followed over a mean of 8.1 years, showed that a dietary intervention that reduced total fat intake and increased intakes of vegetables, fruits, and grains did not significantly reduce the risk of CHD, stroke, or CVD, and achieved only modest effects on CVD risk factors.”

Would Albert have thanked her so grovelling, if she had included the information contained in the study the slippery one omitted in her post ?

Interesting times ahead eh.



Anonymous said...

This is the PDF for the link phoenix posted, it not as clear cut as she paints it.
The outcomes were taken from "usual" diets versus fat modification or reduction.
I would not expect the usual diets to be carb restricted, and as the OP of the thread specifically asked about "Reducing Carbs and Eating fat with raised cholestrol" I fail to see how this link is supposed to address his question.


Anonymous said...

Yup, Phoenix can be a little "economical" with the statistics at times. I guess too much balance would perhaps blunt the clique's attack. And that would never do.

Still, she's the most intelligent contributor that the clique have. She does all the hard work while the rest conjure up the ranting hyperbole.
Then the thread gets locked.

Repeat ad nauseum.