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Monday, 8 August 2011

Fighting, Mahem and wilful destruction continues, on the flog ! Follow the riot in live time on this blog !

After a weekend of grief and thread locking, insults and mayhem, Kenny boy aka Albert continues to rally the rabble known as the clique. Ka-mon got the ball rolling with a new thread What’s going on with this forum. “So can the Mods/Admin please explain what's going on, are we now all allowed to insult each other at will without the fear of being banned or warned?”

Followed by the arch troll Kenny boy aka Albert (the sleeper) 14 minutes later. The stage was set ! The rest was as predictable and transparent as the clique.

“Yes kamon. I agree. I have been here and lurked here for a long time, almost since the forum began. There definitely seems to be a very soft approach nowadays. Seems many things that were previously dealt with swiftly get left alone. I would imagine the new mods have a lot to learn but surely there must be somebody with experience on here? This same person you refer to has told people on that same blog and in thet topic that I'm Ken for some reason.?”

Followed by a statement from admin that included this paragraph.

“It's plain and simple for us - we want a free, open platform - and the forum has never been so free-flowing with so many new members joining daily for a long time. As always, if any members take exception to any posts/threads they can always contact mods/admin for them to be dealt with.”

That’s the real problem !!! The clique are loosing out big time now that Kenny boy cannot delete or ban everyone that does not follow the bullshit diet the lowcarb antis have pushed for so long. Please note how Albert’s diet i.e. lowcarb low fat is a carbon copy of old Kenny boys diet of impossibility. Freedom of speech has returned to the flog ! and the clique are mortified.

To be continued !

Latest from Mr. Nice Guy Ka Mon

"Yes I do know how hard it is to moderate a large forum such as this but when a complaint has been made against an insulting member I also expect something to be done about it even if it's only a warning instead of a complete ban. And I believe I have done that now twice, once by starting this thread and secondly by complaining about Dillinger and would really like to see something done about both."

Give it up lad ! not everyone is as thick as you !

Ka Mon goes on and on and on............................

"Some of you still don't get it, do you?"

I have replied to Dillinger's wild and unfounded accusations about me twice asking him to either supply proof or apologise but both postings have been deleted or mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

"Am I now not allowed to defend myself either and Dillinger is allowed to post wild accusations and insults at will without any fear of his posts being deleted or at least amended?

"Is this how it's going to be in this forum from now on, one sided? If that's the case then maybe us "high-carbers" should be asked to leave and let the low-carbers run wild in the forum like it was a couple of years ago!"

Nob (King toady) head aka Nigel

"I find it a great shame that those with a hidden agenda try their utmost to disrupt and insult members on this great forum, but what I find unbelievable is that they want to be part of a forum that they so obviously despise.......why would that be you must ask?"

From the cherub.

"I think Admin's first post helps people to understand. The words inconsiderate, stupid. deranged and selfish, (Admin's words), applied to the poster that started all this off are very apt and really should bring it home to members why this poster causes offence. He seems to have extensive problems."

Ka (mad dog) Mon started the thread. Woman bites dog ?


Anonymous said...

It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

What could be a useful informative forum is reduced to a joke. This is mainly because of a few pompous twerps who inflate their already huge egos with seemingly thoughtful long posts.

They provoke a response then react by claiming they've been insulted.

Yes I've insulted them on here, mainly out of respect for the administrators of "that place" who do seem to be trying. If I express an opinion they all crawl out of the woodwork fangs bared ready foe the next confrontation.

The solution? Check for multiple users and remove or impose strict control of:

Noblehead, sid bonkers, ka-mon, Albert and the rest of the clique who ruin it for everyone.

I'm off now to visit "The Ides of Starch" which I don't recall ever seen before but I'm alleged to post there!

You couldn't make it up!


Anonymous said...

"Noblehead, sid bonkers, ka-mon, Albert and the rest of the clique who ruin it for everyone."

You forgot the cherub.

Anonymous said...

I've just sent a pm to Ka-mon, but wow, he's complaining about me complaining about him driving off at least one member ; Candy who he was being very aggressive towards, and he even acknowledges that.

So, how should my complaints on an open forum be dealt with? Banning of course...

Like Ray, I think this is a good place to let of a bit of steam as it doesn't upset or affect 95% of the people on the forum, it does however annoy the half-wits which is the perfect situation really.

By the way - I pasted the fantastic heart surgeon essay. Obviously it will be disregarded because if someone posts essays they must be cranks on the make, like Kendrick, Bernstein, and everyone else on the internet, er...



Anonymous said...

I've been banned now!

I can only assume that in that case admin fully support the idiots aforementioned. Not only did I forget catherine cherub, but also the preposterous Ali G. Oops, I mean ali5555 - not as funny as Ali G.

I have enjoyed Dillinger's posts and she is a loss to the forum.

It seems you have to be either a meek soul or an egotistical, pompous dickhead to thrive there. You, of course have to help others by pumping out duff advice. You can then sit back glowing with self satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Wow that nutter Ka-mon has really blown it now, I can foresee the men in white coats arriving with a strait jacket.

"They're Coming to Take Him Away, Ha-Haaa!"


Anonymous said...

All low carbers unite and join the forum, by proxy server if necessary, come on Ray.
See you guys there :-)

Anonymous said...

"but what I find unbelievable is that they want to be part of a forum that they so obviously despise...."

No Nigel they don't depise the forum just idiots like you, things would improve if you kept your nose out of the low carb arena. Your a danger to the well being of type 2 diabetics as you just don't seem to understand the effects of carbs on non insulin users.

Anonymous said...

Nigel spends so much time up peoples arsholes he don't know shit from shinola.