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Monday, 8 August 2011


Our special black ops operator and master hacker Dick Duck has just sent in a report re. the PMs between Ka (mad dog) Mon and Dillinger today.


Ought you test your blood sugar levels? You are talking absolute bollocks.

You have just driven Candy from the forum due to your posts which you admit were aggressive (to 'teach her how it feels' apparently) and when I pick you up on this you want me banned?

Really, this is classic hypo confused/aggressive behaviour - have a look at your levels.

by Ka-Mon

You have no idea what you are talking about Dillinger, I did not ask for you to be banned so stop making up stories and playing the innocent child.

My levels are fine as is my BP but I'm not so sure about your mental state and your ability to read and understand written words.

You accuse me of something that is completely and utterly not true and now you have the cheek to play the innocent little child? LOL, you are absolutely just as I imagine you would be, nose up in the air "I'm right and everyone else is wrong" type, get a life mate and stop being so obnoxious. You are a joke!

by Dillinger


Let's have a go at the reading and comprehension then shall we?

You said to Candy 1567- "My reply to you was intentional to see what you would feel like if someone was to insult you but the funny thing is that I did not insult you at all." Your whole exchange with her, which you acknowledge about was insulting to her meant that she decided to leave. How is insulting someone in this case anything other than aggressive?

Then you said this about me when I was complaining about your aggressive posts; "[I]find Dillingers baseless accusations against me to be deliberate, unnecessary and very insulting in an attempt to discredit me. And I'd like to know what you intend on doing about it?

Then you say that "I also expect something to be done about it even if it's only a warning instead of a complete ban. And I believe I have done that now twice, once by starting this thread and secondly by complaining about Dillinger and would really like to see something done about both."

So, you want something to be done; ideally a ban but you'd be happy to settle for a 'warning'.

Isn't language a joy?

It is people like you and only people like you who piss on open exchanges and the free expression of ideas on this forum. So, what is going on in this forum? Well, you and people like you are being given free reign to limit exclude and shut down the debate.

I don't think I'm right and everyone else is wrong; I just think you are wrong, which you most certainly are.

by Ka-Mon

Dillinger, I have just replied to you in the thread, go read it and take notice. I will not be subjected to your intimidation in PMs whatsoever and will no longer reply to your delirious rantings in PMs. Let's do it out in the open and let people decide who the aggressor is, that is if you are man enough to take up the challenge and provide proof of your laughable allegations against me.

So Dillinger, the time has come, put up or shut the hell up. Apologise and go on your merry way at annoying people which is what you are good at. But if you want to annoy me you'd better come up with plenty of proof, out in the open, if you dare.

Remeber, any further PMs from you will be published on the thread, got it!

by Dillinger

"Dillinger, I have just replied to you in the thread, go read it and take notice."

I cannot see this reply that you mention?

I think this type of petty argument is better served by pm as people repeatedly say that it distresses and upsets the general users of the forum who have nothing to do with the exchange. I have no other motive for sending you a pm and figure as adults we can take a more robust back and forth in this form.

I am genuinely perplexed as to what point, if any, you are making?

You have said you won't reply to this pm and I sincerely hope that is the case and that this can be the end of it.

by Ka-Mon


I think I should publish this PM in the thread to show that you are not the man you want other to believe you are but a coward who would rather hide in the darkness of PMs so that people don't get a chance to judge your stupid and wild accusations.

I have no idea what happened to my reply, maybe a Mod deleted it for some reason, hence the reason why I am replying to you now going totally against what I said in my last PM. I have replied again to your wild and unfounded stupid accusations, let's see if you are man enough to rise to the challenge, which I doubt very much because people like you are only "brave" if you feel superior to others but if challenged you chicken out and go into hiding.

I won't hold my breath for a reply from you because you know that your accusations towards me are very, very stupid and you have absolutely no proof to back it up for the simple reason that there are no proof. You off all people should know to keep your gob shut unless you have absolute proof but it seems like you missed out on that part of your training.


[I then posted on the forum about whether I could hide in my shed or not]

by Ka-Mon

You are a coward Dillinger, I have told you that in my last PM and I am repeating it again. From now on whenever you say something out of line and spread lies I and others will jump down on you from great heights. I promise you that you will not be given any chance to accuse anyone with such lies as you accuse me of.

COWARD, you did hide in the closet and played for time until the thread was locked......that is what typical COWARDLY chicken shits like you do when you are challenged but from now on there will be no place for you to hide, I promise!

Your intentions were to get me discredited and banned but instead you have discredited yourself and proven to everyone what a coward you are, no one will take you seriously from now on. No matter from which angle you look at it you've lost old man, you'll never be taken seriously again and will be laughed at by all except your equally stupid and lying friends.

Now go and cry on your masters shoulders and admit that you have failed your mission. Don't think Eddie (your master) will be very pleased with you, I may get banned but it'll definitely not be your doing, it's be mine and mine alone and only because I have had enough of stupid infantile idiots like you.

One consolation I do have though, at least I managed to get rid of one of your idiotic and foul mouthed vile friend Ray Davis before I get banned myself. And you from now on will suffer every time you step out of line and attempt to spread lies again.

You are a joke Dillinger and a crook just like your namesake, one that is to be laughed at very loudly and taken the piss out of.

From: Dillinger
To: Ka-Mon

I'm a bit worried about your mental state now Ka-mon. I thought you weren't going to PM me any more?

If I say something out of line, but am in a closet, how will you manage the jumping down from great heights? Especially, if the light is off? That could be a very tricky manoeuvre resulting in splintering and/or severe chaffing at least.

If you could compromise and agree that I can hide in my shed then this would make jumping down from great heights, onto my shed, somewhat easier wouldn't you say?

I raised similar issues prior to the thread being locked, but alas you were not available to help with these pressing matters, but if that makes me a COWARDLY CHICKEN then so be it.

If I'm a chicken by the way, doesn't that make Ray a fowl mouthed friend?


Matthew 7:6 said...

I'm sad to say that none of the above surprises me at all. Ka-mon is revealed as the nasty piece of work that we suspected him of being.

Nothing positive to add to the forum. Just more caustic bilge. As was the case with Ken, it isn't right or fair that the rest of the forum should have to suffer such bad feeling just because of the mood swings of one particular individual.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell, why ban Ray, but not Ka Mon and the cherub?
I dont understand.

Lowcarb team member said...

Why ban Graham and Wallycorker but not Noblehead and Ally5555


Anonymous said...

As these PMs and his post's on DCUK show Ka Mons completely off his trolley must be the effects of the high carb low fat diet.

Anonymous said...

Thia is why I felt so aggrieved by that forum. Deranged morons like ka-mon, snivelling losers like knobhead and the village idiot who are allowed to insult and attempt to belittle whomsoever they please.

Anyone who says something sensible is ridiculed and made out to be a troublemaker.

It is outrageous that newly diagnosed are getting advice from them whilst the forum is moderated by mods who, in some instances, cannot control their own blood sugar or appetites!

As usual the Greeks have a word for it "Malakas".

If you were to send this to Channel 4 as a script for a sit-com, it would be rejected as too far fetched!


Anonymous said...

This a post from Admin at DCUK on the locked thread< I think it's a quote of Bob Marley.

"As a great man once said: I know I'm not perfect - and I don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."

It's a valid point those anti's must have really grubby mitts.


Anonymous said...

Who runs this site ................. RUPERT MURDOCK ? ? ? ?

Anonymous said...

@ As usual the Greeks have a word for it "Malakas”.

Left or Right handed ?

Luke 6:45 said...

Take a look back through Ka-mon's posts on

Would you consider him a mostly positive or a mostly negative contributor to the forum?

Anonymous said...

Ray said:Deranged morons like ka-mon, snivelling losers like knobhead and the village idiot who are allowed to insult and attempt to belittle whomsoever they please.

I hear they speak well of you to Ray :)

Lowcarb team member said...

Rays description is about the most succinct and accurate I have ever seen regarding this disruptive and idiotic trio.


Anonymous said...


So after a very polite and civil conversation with one of the Admins on the forum I have been banned for the remainder of the month.

That's fine - it's down to them after all.

My question is; do I get a prize for being banned not for any breach of the forum rules (there's no rule against reposting PM's), not because the member in question complained (Ka-Mon reposted the entire page after all and linked to this blog), not for any other post I made on the forum, nor for any post I made on another forum, but for offering Eddie the PM's to post on this blog?

Surely that's worth something? A rosette perhaps?



Lowcarb team member said...

Sorry Dillinger the Chairman of the board of trustees, Roger (keto warrior) Jenkins says no. However you will be mentioned in despatches, your outstanding efforts for the lowcarb cause are legendary, and have not gone unnoticed.

We wonder has Ka (mad dog) Mon also been muzzled ? Probably not. My late Father had a dog that went berzo, regretfully it had to be put down. Better safe than sorry eh.

One must always remember, the primary objective for is profit. Sound information regarding the long term safe control of diabetes is secondary.

Please feel free to post an article on this blog anytime, send to the usual email address.

Often outnumbered, we will never be out gunned, the fight goes on.


Anonymous said...

Tough, but fair...


Anonymous said...

I may have missed something but has "Ka-Mon the Barbarian" vanished?

Perhaps he's gone looking for Ken!


Anonymous said...

I'd assume that the management at have "suggested" that Ka-mon takes a "well-earned break from the forum".

How long for is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

Awww, cant we at least let him have a calendar to tick off the days?
A whole month can drag on you know LOL

Poor Dillinger, punished for giving out sound advice.