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Monday, 8 August 2011

Ka Mon self destructs !

Inevitably, the forum reached the tragically hilarious
'One man getting into an argument with himself' stage


Anonymous said...

The ranting, self destructive of Ka-Mon reminds you of ......... MilliMeter/Wrunkelt/ et al when questioned.


Lowcarb team member said...

Do you mean Ken aka Albert. Same old style, same old rant and foaming at the mouth eh.


Anonymous said...

A word to the wise, Ka-mon. Never miss a good opportunity to keep quiet.

Seize this one with both hands.

Anonymous said...

Quick; we need to get him some blood pressure medication - he's going to blow any minute...

Matthew 7:3 said...

Waaaay! Eeyore's thread has finally been locked.

Anonymous said...

I notice the final post (after admin's) was by a mod and then swiftly deleted. She said I was probably laughing at them now.

Too right, it's not often one gets to see a bunch of idiots at work! You could have a more rational discussion with the Brooke Bond chimps.

Just how Patch, Dillinger and one or two others of the members with opposing thumbs keep their tempers, I do not know!

No insults allowed!!!!

Yeah right:-

Posted by Admin:
"As they post on 'another' blog, it's clear and simple for other members to see how inconsiderate/stupid/deranged/selfish/'add your term here' the member in question actually is - as still they come here, even though they ridicule it?"

"Postby catherinecherub:
I think Admin's first post helps people to understand. The words inconsiderate, stupid. deranged and selfish, (Admin's words), applied to the poster that started all this off are very apt and really should bring it home to members why this poster causes offense. He seems to have extensive problems."

"inconsiderate/stupid/deranged/selfish" Me? Problems? Words like kettle and pot spring to mind!

I'll write more about my reasoning when I have the time.


Anonymous said...

The latest from the prime loony:

FOE list.

Postby Ka-Mon » 17 minutes ago
For the very first time since joining this forum over a year ago I have added two verry annoying people to my "Foe List". Does this now mean that I will not be able to see any of their postings or receive any PMs from them? Will they still be able to see my postings/comments?


Anonymous said...

Re my previous comment, this one made me laugh!

Re: FOE list.
by malcysykes1 » 4 minutes ago

Is there a "getting on my tits" list I can put Ka-Mon on?

Inevitably this followed:

Re: FOE list.
by catherinecherub » less than a minute ago
Is there any need to get personal malcysykes1. Ka-Mon asked a valid question about a facility that exists.

I've heard a rumour they're taking this on the road, nationwide with Michael McIntyre as compere!


Anonymous said...

"Maybe those of us, who are on the list of those who want to get rid of us, maybe we should just leave and let the trouble makers start on those left so that they too then can understand what it feels like to be hunted."

By Ka-Mon The Hunted

Poor Ka-Mon; hunted to the verge of extinction by those ruthless killers the low carb diabetics.

Anonymous said...

Ka(mad dog)mon he's barking LoL.