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Saturday, 13 October 2012 lowcarbers we salute you !

Spend an hour or so reading through the posts on, and the only people reporting real success are the lowcarbers. It has been that way for four years. When I say success that is an under statement, the turn around in their diabetes is nothing short of staggering. People going from double number HbA1c to numbers in the fours. In my day over there the holy grail was the 5% club, these days no one bats an eyelid, fives are becoming the norm. HbA1c in the fours is being reported often. Very often on nil meds ! And that’s not all, many have reduced their weight to safe levels, and huge improvements in lipid numbers, again without using the often health wrecking statins. 

Over the  years on the forum the lowcarbers have lead the way. Thousands of people encouraged to a better way of life and reducing their chances of becoming a grim statistic. In the old days Fergus led the way, these days a whole team of dedicated lowcarbers are working 24/7 and are doing a fantastic job. No names no pack drill, you guys and girls know who you are, we know who you are, and more importantly, so do the newbie’s and confused. You people are adding years of active and pain free life to so many people, never underestimate what you are doing. You could have got sorted and walked away, but you have stayed and helped so many. Ask yourselves this question, how often does an ordinary person get to have such a massive positive impact on someone’s life ? I think very rarely is the answer. 

Keep up your great work.

The Low Carb Diabetic Team


Anonymous said...

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Lowcarb team member said...

"absolutely sweet and thoughtful of others"

Are you winding me up! I have spent years building a reputation as a vicious madman and you call me sweet.