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Monday, 15 October 2012

Hypos and type two diabetics.

My wife a non diabetic runs in low fours BG fasting every day and feels great. I do not believe a reduction in half a point into the threes brings on a hypo. According to some, all of us could suffer from hypos, even non diabetics. Maybe, just as all of us could be hit by a meteorite. Look at this logically. What is the one common factor for all type two diabetics ? We fight to keep BG down, never up ! Some diabetics report hypo type feelings. Very often they are type two diabetics reducing down to normal BG numbers from double figure BG numbers. They have got used to very high numbers and normal does not feel right. This almost always goes away after getting used to safe BG numbers. Around a week at most.

Of course true hypos can be induced in type two diabetics with excessive medication. But as we see every day of the week. So many lowcarbers take no diabetes medication or perhaps a couple of Metformin pills. This should never cause a true hypo. If you can get a true hypo on diet and a couple of Met, rejoice, you are in better shape than most, just dump the Met and a possible re-adjustment of carbs. Another reason we believe lowcarb is the way to go.


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