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Friday, 19 May 2017

Foods To Boost Your Brain and Memory

Kerri-Ann Jennings MS RD writes:

"Your brain is kind of a big deal.
As the control centre of your body, it’s in charge of keeping your heart beating and lungs breathing and allowing you to move, feel and think. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your brain in peak working condition.
The foods you eat play a role in keeping your brain healthy and can improve specific mental tasks, such as memory and concentration. This article lists 11 foods that boost your brain.

11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

1. Fatty Fish
When people talk about brain foods, fatty fish is often at the top of the list.
This type of fish includes salmon, trout and sardines, which are all rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids
. About 60% of your brain is made of fat, and half of that fat is the omega-3 kind. Your brain uses omega-3s to build brain and nerve cells, and these fats are essential for learning and memory.
Omega 3-s also have a couple additional benefits for your brain. For one thing, they may slow age-related mental decline and help ward off Alzheimer’s disease
. On the flip side, not getting enough omega-3s is linked to learning impairments, as well as depression. In general, eating fish seems to have positive health benefits.
Summary: Fatty fish is a rich source of omega-3s, a major building block of the brain. Omega-3s play a role in sharpening memory and improving mood, as well as protecting your brain against decline.

2. Coffee
If coffee is the highlight of your morning, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s good for you. Two main components in coffee — caffeine and antioxidants — help your brain. Drinking coffee over the long term is also linked to a reduced risk of neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
Summary: Coffee can help boost alertness and mood. It may also offer some protection against Alzheimer’s, thanks to its caffeine and antioxidants.

3. Blueberries
Blueberries provide numerous health benefits, including some that are specifically for your brain. Some of the antioxidants in blueberries have been found to accumulate in the brain and help improve communication between brain cells.
Summary: Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that may delay brain aging and improve memory.

4. Turmeric

This deep-yellow spice is a key ingredient in curry powder and has a number of benefits for the brain. It’s a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that has been linked to the following brain benefits. It may benefit memory, ease depression, help new brain cells grow.
Summary: Turmeric and its active compound curcumin have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which help the brain. In research, it has reduced symptoms of depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Broccoli
Broccoli is packed with powerful plant compounds, including antioxidants. It’s also very high in vitamin K. This fat-soluble vitamin is essential for forming sphingolipids, a type of fat that’s densely packed into brain cells. A few studies in older adults have linked a higher vitamin K intake to better memory.
Summary: Broccoli contains a number of compounds that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, including vitamin K.

6. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain powerful antioxidants that protect the body and brain from free radical damage. They’re also an excellent source of magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. Each of these nutrients is important for brain health.
Summary: Pumpkin seeds are rich in many micronutrients that are important for brain function, including copper, iron, magnesium and zinc.

7. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate and cocoa powder are packed with a few brain-boosting compounds, including flavonoids, caffeine and antioxidants. Flavonoids are a type of antioxidant plant compound. The flavonoids in chocolate gather in the areas of the brain that deal with learning and memory. Researchers say these compounds may enhance memory and also help slow down age-related mental
Summary: The flavonoids in chocolate may help protect the brain. Studies have suggested that eating chocolate could boost both memory and mood.

8. Nuts
Research has shown that eating nuts c
an improve markers of heart health, and having a healthy heart is linked to having a healthy brain. While all nuts are good for your brain, walnuts may have an extra edge, since they also deliver omega-3 fatty acids.
Summary: Nuts contain a host of brain-boosting nutrients, including vitamin E, healthy fats and plant compounds.

9. Oranges
You can get all the vitamin C you need in a day by eating one medium orange. D
oing so is important for brain health, since vitamin C is a key factor in preventing mental decline. Eating sufficient amounts of vitamin C-rich foods can protect against age-related mental decline and Alzheimer’s disease, according to a 2014 review article.
Summary: Oranges and other foods that are high in vitamin C can help defend your brain against damage from free radicals.

10. Eggs
Eggs a
re a good source of several nutrients tied to brain health, including vitamins B6 and B12, folate and choline. Two studies found that higher intakes of choline were linked to better memory and mental function. Eating eggs is an easy way to get choline, given that egg yolks are among the most concentrated sources of this nutrient.
Summary: Eggs are a rich source of several B vitamins and choline, which are important for proper brain functioning and development, as well as regulating mood.

11. Green Tea

As is the case with coffee, the caffeine in green tea boosts brain function. In fact, it has been found to improve alertness, performance, memory and focus.
Summary: Green tea is an excellent beverage to support your brain. Its caffeine content boosts alertness, while its antioxidants protect the brain and L-theanine helps you relax.

The Bottom Line
Many foods can help keep your brain healthy. Some foods, such as the fruits and vegetables in this list, as well as tea and coffee, have antioxidants that help protect your brain from damage. Others, such as nuts and eggs, contain nutrients that support memory and brain development. You can help support your brain health and boost your alertness, memory and mood by strategically including these foods in your diet."

Please note the above is only a 'snippet' of Kerri-Ann's article.
You can read it in full, with all related links, on 'Authority Nutrition' site 

We bring a variety of articles, studies etc. plus recent news/views and recipe ideas to this blog, we hope something for everyone to read and enjoy. Please note, not all may be suitable for you.

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All the best Jan


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This article encourages me...we're eating most of these foods every week. And I bought raw organic tumeric at the Farmers Mkt yesterday...those little roots! lol Now we have to figure out how to use it. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

Adam said...

I consider myself to have a good memory

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Oh WOW...I have been eating and drinking healthy and didn't even realize it!!!
Thank you for letting me know :)

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Hello, thanks for sharing this post! My memory is not the best and could use some help or boosters! I am glad coffee is on the list!

Have a happy day and weekend!

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Coffee and dark chocolate - an unbeatable combination!

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Thanks for the very informative list, good to know what's good to eat! Hugs, Valerie

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Blueberries and broccoli are good. Well, not both at the same time.

Linda said...

Such a wonderful and informative post, Jan! Thank you so much for all you share.

Mary Kirkland said...

I love pumpkin seeds and most vegetables.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Great list and hubby and I eat/drink most all of them.... The one thing I struggle with is fatty fish.... I can eat Salmon --but definitely am not crazy about it.... I love seafood (scallops/shrimp) ---and enjoy Talapia and other 'mild' fish..... We do eat tuna for lunch in a salad.... SO--I do get some fish in me....

Thanks for sharing... As I get older, I definitely need things to improve my mind/brain/memory... ha


happyone said...

I eat many of these foods. I think my memory should be better. : )

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Some of these, I love and use as medicine. Ah, the power of food. Love it.

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Wonderful, thanks so much! I'm always looking for foods with multiple benefits.

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This was great, Jan! I was especially encouraged by the caffeine:)

Tom said... brain needs refueling.

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Interesting info there Jan.

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I eat everyone except the green tea it seem to upset my stomach but I do like it taste.
Coffee is on

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Good news Jan, I knew it was coming, coffee is back, woopee.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I am doing good! Many of these items are a regular part of my diet. I always add tumeric to anything it works with, even popcorn. My brain can use all the help I can give it!

River said...

I guess fatty fish isn't the same as oily fish. I very rarely eat trout, it's too expensive, and I don't like salmon or sardines, but I do eat a lot of tuna and herrings. Hopefully they are also good for the brain. I snack on pumpkin seeds quite a lot and add them to coleslaw and green salads, sometimes I sprinkle them on quiche or meatloaf before baking.

roughterrain crane said...

I love bonito and mackerel. Following your advice, I will eat more sardines.

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Great article Jan.

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Now by this my brain should be doing pretty good but must be old age is still getting the best of me :(

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Oh this is interesting ! I have to list these for my own use. Thank you for sharing.

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