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Monday, 1 May 2017

Jimmy Moore has he jumped the shark?

After posting this post, Jimmy Moore has he lost the plot? It received some interesting comments. I tweeted that post and posted a link on Jimmy’s Facebook group. I had lost interest in Jimmy’s work sometime ago, and removed his site from our sidebar. It is my opinion Jimmy’s diet is ludicrous and a health hazard. As can be seen from the comments, my post was not met with universal approval. I agree in part with one negative comment, a man or woman has the right to eat and live anyway they choose (within the law) but they do not have the right to encourage others to wreck their health. This for me is compounded when profit is involved. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people earning an honest living. Many people in the world of low carb and paleo, are earning a living or receiving income from books and websites etc. I am perfectly happy with that, providing the information is sound.

Approximately 2 years ago, after losing a huge amount of weight by low carbing, Jimmy hits the fat big time. From Jimmy "Five eggs and a stick of butter" as posted on Twitter. Is Jimmy's weight-loss method sound? I don't see any method at all. At the time, a very well known and respected medical professional sent me an email. Full name and address was supplied.

"I follow Jimmy on Twitter, and yesterday he tweeted that he was eating five eggs cooked in Kerrygold butter with an additional stick of Kerrygold (8 oz, or roughly 240 grams), and that was it for the day. That's less than 40 grams of protein and over 200 grams of fat for the day. Jimmy is quite tall and needs at least twice that amount of protein at a minimum. 

When someone asked him why he didn't include any spinach or other greens with the eggs, he said that occasionally he eats greens but "I'm so carb sensitive that even greens can be problematic." This is nonsense, of course. And he doesn't even have diabetes! 

His latest cholesterol profile is abominable; I know you use different values in the UK, but his LDL-C and LDL-P are extremely elevated and place him at very high risk for a cardiac event.

I'm so conflicted because on the one hand Jimmy has been a great advocate of the low-carb lifestyle and is friends with all of the major researchers in this area. But what he's promoting now is very irresponsible, in my opinion. I'm worried about his health and the perception that the non-low-carb community will have of us, since he's such a visible and vocal proponent of low carb"

Two years on. Jimmy's diet is clearly not working for him. A huge gain in weight. But Jimmy has never been slow, in being able to spin bad news. "It's not about weight anymore, it's about health" I wait with baited breath, to learn of scientific proof that being heavily overweight is beneficial to health. 

Who am I to say what is sound, you may be thinking, what makes me the judge of what is a sound, safe and maintainable diet. Excellent point, my opinion is worth no more than any other man, probably a lot less than many others. It is for the reader, to make up their own mind, as to what constitutes a healthy diet. Over the years, Jimmy has gone from what I consider to be a healthy diet, especially for the heavily overweight and type two diabetic, to a ludicrous ultra high fat diet, extremely low carb and minimal protein diet called the ketogenic diet.

Ultra high fat ketogenic diets have been used in Hospitals for a long time, to treat young epileptics when all other methods including drugs have failed. It has been very successful for many children. One point should be noted, this procedure is carried out in a hospital environment under the strictest medical supervision. Not exactly something to be tried at home in my opinion. Intermittent fasting is a good way to lose some weight when required. You don’t need the brains of Einstein, to realise eating less can lead to weight loss. Jimmy’s idea of fasting in one of his very highly publicised experiments, was a 30 day fast, with only a tiny amount of bone broth for daily sustenance. Surprise surprise he lost weight, but not for long.

Losing weight is one of the easiest things anyone can do, it’s keeping it off permanently that is hard. To lose weight permanently, and stay healthy, you need to put a permanent lifestyle in place. 30 day fasts and eating blocks of butter, may be good for publicity, especially when you are trying to sell books and lots of products off your website, but for sure, patrons ride at their own risk. Jimmy did respond to my post and comment on his Facebook site (I never asked to be included in his Keto group) by blocking me, who would have thought it. It appears the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, earns a swiftly issued exit visa at Jimmy's joint. 

"Jumping the shark" is attempting to draw attention to or create publicity for something that is perceived as not warranting the attention, especially something that is believed to be past its peak in quality or relevance. The idiom "jumping the shark" is almost always used in a pejorative sense. Wiki



only slightly confused said...

lol..I would have said he 'jumped his tracks' which is a slight but different than 'jumped the shark'.

Jenn Jilks said...

This losing weight, as you say is easy. It's living every day, being the best you can, that is hard. It is terrible to be influencing others, when people, like Jimmy, don't know what they are talking about.
We have gone to a naturopathic physician, for hubby. He's now off dairy, yeast, eggs, it has made such a difference, if you are allergic. Our good intake is so important.
Keep up the good work!

Galina L. said...

I am not surprised. At all. Sure, genetic cards are stuck against him, but there is a difference between not being able to loose more weight and gaining a lot. Basically his job as a LC diet blog host he has inflicted on himself is to follow a reasonable LC diet. Or explain what in his regiment was so fattening.

Lady Fi said...

Eating healthily and exercising is a good combination.... Shame that he has jumped the shark!

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Wow...just wow. And someone out there somewhere will follow his advice and possibly end up suffering a major heart attack.

River said...

Five eggs cooked in butter then another stick of butter on the side???
I like eggs cooked in butter, but five all at once with extra butter is ludicrous in my opinion.

Lynda said...

Here in New Zealand there is LCHF - that's not low carb high fat, but low carb healthy fat. That makes sense to me and all the recipes that go along with this have vegetables and lots of choice. I used to follow Jimmy for a long time (I've even met him and have a photo of us two together). I find his blog to be an absolute jumble of advertising and yes, I realise he needs to make a living, but seriously he has sold out. I stopped listening to his advice when he went heavily keto. Clearly this is not working for him and it's all very sad.

Magic Love Crow said...

A stick of butter?? Yuck!!!

Angelo Carrion said...

There's no surprise Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. Adam Nally both left their podcasts with Jimmy. His remaining podcasts are pretty dull and spout nonsense about "It's not about the weight but health gains". Even his nutritional pearls podcast with his wife seems sad. He talks over her and just talks about basic info most people have heard a million times. All he spouts is that he's an internationally renowned author. So sad how he's fallen. I occasionally see his classic YouTube videos 10 years ago when he was low carb, sensible and a much healthier weight. Sadly he's all in and won't change until the gravy train dries up or he has a cardiac event.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of his older podcasts the other day so I started following him on IG. I'm currently eating Keto for health and needed weightloss. It is working great AS LONG AS I WATCH CALORIES as well. Today during one of Mr. Moore's live IG broadcasts I asked why he does not consider the scale a tool just as a BP monitor and a blood glucose meter are tools. He, as he himself said afterwards, week on a rant. He said the scale means "absolutely nil" and that if I feel good because a "machine that tells me my relationship to gravity on Earth makes me feel good, then go for it." He said he is focusing, not on weight loss, but on health. I just wonder how one can be so obviously obese and healthy. My BP and blood sugar have come down immensely in less than two months on this plan but I'm still obese and, though better than i have been in ages, still not healthy until I lose the weight.