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Friday 22 February 2013

Low-Carbohydrate Diet Review Shifting the Paradigm.

This is a must read paper for anyone following or considering a lowcarb diet or long term way of life. It is only seven pages long and you do not need the intellect of Albert Einstein to understand it. Diabetics or those wanting to maintain long term health will not be disappointed. Look at the charts showing the massive advantages of lowcarb against low fat. 


What does a clinician need to know about low-carbohydrate (LC) diets? This review examines and compares the safety and the effectiveness of a LC approach as an alternative to a low-fat (LF), high-carbohydrate diet, the current standard for weight loss and/or chronic disease prevention. In short-term and long-term comparison studies, ad libitum and isocaloric therapeutic diets with varying degrees of carbohydrate restriction perform as well as or better than comparable LF diets with regard to weight loss, lipid levels, glucose and insulin response, blood pressure, and other important cardiovascular risk markers in both normal subjects and those with metabolic and other health-related disorders. The metabolic, hormonal, and appetite signaling effects of carbohydrate reduction suggest an underlying scientific basis for considering it as an alternative approach to LF, high-carbohydrate recommendations in addressing overweight/obesity and chronic disease in America. It is time to embrace LC diets as a viable option to aid in reversing diabetes mellitus, risk factors for heart disease, and the epidemic of obesity.

Abstract here.

Full paper here.


Anonymous said...

Easy to read
Easy to understand
Great advantages for low carb
Thought Provoking
What more can I say
Liked it

Thanks Eddie


fibreclaireUK said...

excellent link Eddie

Exceptionally Brash said...

thank you. Everyone should read this (and great! no e-mc2)

Paul said...

Thanks Eddie..Even I understood this article!:)


Anonymous said...

This is a very good link and unlike some articles it is not a heavy science type one. Really interesting and sets all points out in an easy to read situ.
As other comments have pointed out it is "Good, excellent,great" a highly recommended read.


Anonymous said...

'It is time to embrace LC diets as a viable option to aid in reversing diabetes mellitus, risk factors for heart disease, and the epidemic of obesity.'

I think the number one man Richard Bernstein would agree with this.

Paul B

tess said...

i was 100% with this paper till i got to the part about thyroid sufferers not being advised to eat VLC....

just in case some of your readers are thyroid-challenged, i wanted to make the point that carbs are NOT more beneficial for us than for others! the conclusion that they ARE seems to have been reached by studying euthyroid people who see a lowering of hormone production on a LC diet, OR of people seeing "hypothyroid symptoms" brought on simply by weight loss and low CALORIE intake.

:-) ...thanks for letting me spout on your page!

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Tess

I have never met or heard of a human being that benefited from a high sugar/starch diet. My grandchildren avoid these foods and so should everyone in my opinion.

Regards Eddie

Galina L. said...

most people who have to supplement their thyroid hormone due to the underperforming of their thyroid gland, have to do it because of Hashimodo decease when their immune system attacks the thyroid gland. From that perspective, LCarbing should be beneficial for such people because it calms down all allergies, and for that reason should make the progression of the Hashimodo condition slower .