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Friday 16 May 2014

Cheesecake - I’m in Heaven !

You only have to read around blogs and forums to find out the one weakness we each have, although, yes some may have more than one!
From my teens 'til now, which is a good few years my number one food weakness or delight has been cheesecake, I just adore it. The family know it, my friends know it …it is one of Jan’s “things”. A standing joke when dining out at restaurants, or with friends has been ‘the cheesecake test’ …i.e. what does Jan think - guess I’ve become our circle’s Number 1 cheesecake guru!
All well and good if like me you are not diabetic, have no health related illness and can eat a slice of cheesecake without any adverse affect. But if you are diabetic then the standard cheesecake is not the best thing you can eat to maintain good blood sugar numbers.
Eddie has never been a cheesecake lover …..cheese definitely and if you mix in a few green olives then he is in 7th heaven.
When dining out he goes for the cheeseboard, I go for the cheesecake.
But …..WAIT ! What do I see ? Only 31 fantastic low carb cheesecake recipes ‘to die for’ as the saying goes. Well “I’m in Heaven” is my saying.
Just check out these wonderful LOW CARB cheesecake recipes that Carolyn, a writer, runner, mother and diabetic, is featuring on her fantastic blog. And no she is not an “evil mastermind” just a great person who lives for food. Why not check out her recipes and “experiments” as she creates delicious low carb, gluten free recipes.

Read more here.

Enjoy …… Enjoy
All the best Jan


Lynda said...

Oh I do love a slice of cheesecake - I'll be sure to look these recipes over :) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Looking at Carolyn's other recipes, will have to try some, thanks :)