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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Coming soon The Untouchables

Undoubtedly the TV series of the year a classic in the making The Untouchables. 

A grim and relentless story of greed, corruption and evil. 

Joe Pesci gives the performance of his life as Sid BonkersDe Niro is spine chilling as Kenny Boy. ***** The Sun

Best TV series of the year by a long way ***** The Telegraph

A riveting and best performance by Stuart Rudin since Multiple Miggs as the duplicitous Nobblyhead. Five stars all the way. The Mail

Please note. This post is a spoof and the above actors have no knowledge of this blog. Any resemblance to anonymous characters or people living or dead (from the neck up) is purely coincidental.

Stand by for episode one coming soon. 

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