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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bonkers quote of the day.

"Hypocrite? Yes but when needs must I am able to bend my scruples somewhat, I'm diabetic not mad"

Not mad eh, maybe, but our Sid is one confused fella ! As we often say, control your diabetes with nil or minimal meds, and the way to do that is lowcarb. Sid's idea of lowcarb below.


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Lowcarb team member said...

More from Sid

"The NHS diet advise is not all bad but seems to be misinterpreted by some. Despite what some may say the NHS diet advise is based on fact and scientific research unlike opinions which are based on repeating inaccurate anecdotes."

How do you misrepresent this NHS advice:
Try to eat Plenty of potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy foods

Sid's latest claimed carb intake is 120 - 160g a day, based on that if he's following the NHS guidelines his daily calories are are approx 1250 which is less than a seven year old would be expected to consume.

If his beloved NHS diet is so good then why do we not see evidence of this on the forum, many that have joined out of desperation after following advice based on the NHS diet.