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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ya gotta larf !

Sometimes people say to me, are you sure you are right ? What if you have got this lowcarb diet wrong. I show them a picture of this guy, close on sixty years of age and say, this guy makes some 25 year old middle weight champion boxers look pretty average. Or I show them a video of another old man, Dr.Jay Wortman a sixty year old, type two lowcarbing diabetic, skiing down Whistler, and they see my point.

Mark Sissons 59 years of age.

Check out Jay a great video and our good friend, turn up your sound and remember this man is a 60 year old diabetic here.



Anonymous said...

Mark Sisson - eye candy for female senior citizens like me. Thanks Eddie!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing, that's Mark and his goog grub on your other article,

Love Dr Jay and the music BTW


Anonymous said...


What great FIT guys

Now going to COOL off -


Anonymous said...

Was just googling some images for a lecture I am giving in Huntington Beach, two 60 year old men.............. Your choice.
OK, now I have to keep looking.. Great job.. an inspiration! Aleta