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Monday, 25 March 2013

I’m not mad honest, well maybe just a bit.

Every now and again I question my sanity, indeed I go further and ask Graham, one of my friends and co writers on this blog, are we going nuts. Let’s face it, when you get to our age, why spend time writing on blogs and dealing with emails that come in via our website. Graham usually reply’s he is perfectly compas mentis, but I am one wave short of a ship wreck, Maybe. After years of lowcarbing I have a good excuse. I remember a dietition warning me years ago, lowcarb would lead to cognitive impairment, scurvy, osteoporosis, constipation and possibly a bad case of  Saint Vitus Dance. She was wrong, so why this post.

Well, checking the lowcarbdiabetic emails this morning, I find we have received an email from a Dr Tannis Laidlaw who is a “psychologist: a clinician in private practice, in psychiatric bins and in the prison service; researcher in schizophrenia, anxiety, psychopathy and other personality disorders” You can appreciate, while still half asleep and still hung over, from a particularly good bottle of Rioja that went down painlessly last night, the email damn near woke me up. Had she seen our blog, had she detected enough character defects in me to see herself through to retirement straightening me out. Let’s face it, more than a few would bang me up in the rubber Ramada given half a chance.

It turns out the lady is not offering her services as a shrink, she is promoting her work. We get lots of spam and requests to run ads on our website and blogs, but we always turn them down. We work for love, and won’t take money for trying to help fellow diabetics. Not that we pass judgement on others, who put far more work in, and are far more knowledgeable than us, and deserve financial reward. We have been very critical of some, who exploit diabetics and make money from others misery, we would lose what little credibility we have, if we tried to earn money from our work. So, this lady is a bit special I think, she writes novels and has an interest in the sort of diet we promote. She seems to me to a be an independent free spirit and clearly lives an interesting life, my sort of person.

Check out her site here.



Anonymous said...

Maybe she should look at Evelyn's blog and diagnose her!

Anonymous said...

I did pop over and have a look at Dr Laidlaws' site - loved the look of her cabin in Canada. Her comments and piece on lower carbs was interesting