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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Not a good couple of weeks for Evelyn !


Anonymous said...

Following this and other blogs Carole is doing a grand job and poor Evie is suffering but goodness me so are that awful Grant Shapps children - having to share a bedroom whatever next?
Shame on you Shapps a study before a bedroom for them whatever next - this bedroom tax has a lot to answer for as all those on benefit will argue.


Lowcarb team member said...

Dear old carbo/tubs has awoken from his carb (toast) induced slumber and made the following comment:

"Oh yes, and watching Edie pick on anyone and everyone who dare criticise anyone he worships.

Now I've got assume he's talking about that mad woman and serial stalker Evelyn Kocur.

As far as worship goes and I'm sure Eddie will agree, we don't worship anyone admire and respect yes, but worship is a word that would be more applicable to carbo/tubs. His love of carbs as you can see here shows that.

From his comment it's also evident his obsession with Evelyn (he links to her bog)that he is completely infatuated with her yes he worships her.

Having said that it's obvious they have a lot in common they are both obese and when it comes to diet carbs rule.

But hey credit were credit's due carbo/tubs after over five years of trying has lost a few pounds, but I have to say given his track record the odds of him keeping it off are
very slim indeed.

In summary carbo/tubs + heavylyn a match made in heaven, after all he's inFATuated with her.