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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Diabetes Dialogue

You said you knew best
You said I would be
Like all of the rest
And soon I would see -
My numbers would fall
The weight melt away
No worries at all
At the end of the day.

Stop smoking - stop drinking
And look to your diet
And also stop THINKING
We need you to try it.

Just follow the rule
As laid down by the nurse
She can be quite cruel
If you fail to reverse

Yours will be the blame
This you need to accept
Its always the way
We've become quite adept

All you need to do
Is to stick to your diet
And swallow your pills
You could at least try it

What, test your own blood?
Why would you do that?
You know that you should
Concentrate on the FAT!

Yes, see you next year
But before you leave now
Just take this script here
And don’t cause a row

Just one more small pill
You must add to the mix
Its unlikely to kill
But unlikely to fix

But what can I do?
I have boxes to tick
You are non compliant
I daren’t miss a trick

I need you to see
This disease can be beaten
Just listen to me
Starchy carbs must be eaten

Cut the sat fat and salt
But it will be fine
None can think it a fault
To eat sugar in line

With guidance from DUK
{Our saviour - you know}
the result of this muck
Will very soon show

But look, Don't you worry
All will yet be well
There's really no hurry
Because I can tell -
The insulin pen
Is what you're aiming for
Once you have that
You need worry no more

What lose eyes and feet?
Kidneys might fail?
Who tells you such things?
They should all be in jail! 

Its not worth a thought
It wont happen to you
Only happens to others
I thought that you knew

You must bear in mind
That with your medication
You're unlikely to find
Any true complication

The truth is I fear
With the toxins we give
Its become very clear
You can‘t hope to live

Much past your next birthday
I'm sorry to say it
But all must go someday
Why seek to delay it?

So eat your repast
And enjoy every bite
As if its your last
As it very well might

I have tried to advise you
You must do the rest
Now this may surprise you
But we do our best

To us its the same
You won't come unstuck
By choosing one name.

But Dr, You told me
That I would be fine
How could such a thing be
The fault isn't mine

I see where I went wrong
Hope its not too late
It shouldn’t take too long
To alter my fate

I must do some homework
I must take control
Its something I can’t shirk
That should be your role!

Well yes - but we have rules
We must play the game
Most people are such fools
We can't take the blame

Now you have sussed us
I’ll give you some clues
I can see you mistrust us
Its your turn to choose 

Some books you might buy
And a website or two
Just give them a try
I hope you'll pull through!

I am so confused now
It doesn’t make sense
things you now tell me
I mean no offence

But Doc its all wrong
You can’t let people die
You have to be strong
Its all a big lie

If there’s nothing more now
I have others to see
You'll work it out somehow
Just don’t mention ME!

Next patient please!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I don't want to think how much effort you put into that, Kath, but what a result !
Totally damning, and it rhymes !!
More power to your pen. Perhaps you're the next poet laureate : )

Geoff J

Lowcarb team member said...

It’s my only talent Geoff - if you can call it that - and is actually no effort at all. But I am glad you liked it. The real effort here was put in by Jan and Eddie as it is in a format which is difficult to present on the blog. Writing it was much the easier and quicker part as it often is when things we feel strongly about are involved.


Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks Kath-It really IS talent to be able to sum up the current situation that we so often see through poetic verse-something I could NEVER do-Nice one! :-)


Lowcarb team member said...

Kath - I love your poems.

They give an added dimension to the blog and are always well read. It is a talent/gift. Not everyone can write poems and get the absolute correct message over.

NICE one - no pun intended !

All the best Jan