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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Carbsane aka the bloated blogger A septic tank of verbal abuse and personal attacks ! LOL

"That blog that she's gone to for solace is notorious for slagging people off, so there's hypocrisy for you. Miss or Mrs Culpepper please read through the former posts on that blog and wonder why you went to a blog that's a septic tank of verbal abuse and personal attacks."

Rosie May "Vegan English Rose" at the Carbsane blog for the morbidly obese and failed.

Rosie who describes herself as an English rose referring to our magnificent blog, how ironic is that ? How batshit do you need to be, to hang out on the carbsane blog, a blog that posts nothing but "verbal abuse and personal attacks" yet Rosie is giving us a kicking for ridding the world of Stalinist diabetes forum mods and the likes of Sid Bonkers, ya gotta larf ! Maybe it's a vegan thing.

BTW Anyone got the latest on Evie's 'Restriction Addiction' book ? According to her rant on an obscure radio podcast, we should stop restricting foods that make us ill and obese, those that dump the junk are suffering from 'Restriction Addiction' and should scoff the junk and buy bigger clothes, problem solved ! Only a genius could have come up with that idea, maybe there is more to the bloated blogger, but I can't see it, can you ?



Anonymous said...

A very apt description of your blog, regardless of where it was made.

Gwen said...

She's a special brand of insane, for sure. LOL (and I say that just from reading what you post here, because I didn't go back after that one other day.)

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Gwen

As you say Carbsane takes insane to Olympic gold medal standard. She never stops, on and on and on rubbishing others, as do almost all of her grovelling lickspittle commentators.

Meanwhile, the one that knows it all, stays morbidly obese and never posts a photograph of herself.


Gwen said...

Because she has SO SO much to hide. LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie , check out the comments at the wooo's blog ( latest post ) if you want to see some real groveling.