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Friday 25 March 2016

BDA endorse new Eat Well Guide for T2 diabetics

37% should come from this selection of starchy carbs

Pity the newly diagnosed T2 diabetic that gets a referral to a BDA dietitian and receives advice based on the Eat Well Guide, it can only lead to a fast progression to a multi medication regime.



chris c said...

They missed out the insulin pen, the metformin, statin, BP meds and PPI from the yellow section. At least that would be a bit more honest.

Cheryl said...

Hi Jan,

Not ignoring you but rarely visit my blog at the moment.

Thank you for your Easter wishes............a happy Easter to you and yours. Hope the sun shines but it does not look as though it will this weekend.

We take the Grandchildren to NY soon..............the bombings in Brussels has caused concerns but life is for living. We cannot live in fear.

Thank you for dropping by.....I do truly appreciate it.

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for your comment.
As you know I am not diabetic but husband Eddie is - if he based his meals around starchy carbs his blood sugar levels would go way too high. Of course before his diagnoses eight years ago this is how we ate our meals, like this article here we were told it was the correct thing to do.
It wasn't until he was feeling so unwell and we invested in a blood glucose monitor did we realise the seriousness of it ... researching and reading Dr Richard Bernstein ... we dropped the big six from our meal plans i.e. potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, cakes, highly processed foods. Since that time his blood sugars levels / HbA1c tests have all been those of a non diabetic. We intend to keep it that way!

Our friend Paul describes the big six like this
"Dropping the big six ? well what does this mean in real terms and what does this have to do with Diabetes control ?

The big six are the main 6 foods that are responsible for post meal high blood glucose levels in nearly all diabetics.

The big six consists of Potatoes or other tubers such as sweet potato,pasta,rice,fruits with a high fructose content such as apples,bananas,grapes,pineapples,peaches etc,breakfast cereals and lastly bread and pastry products.

Replace these with vitamin and iron enriched fruits,vegetables and natural sat fats sourced from meat such as Chicken with the skin on left on,fresh beef,lamb,duck and then dairy such as cream,eggs,cheese, nuts such as walnuts and macadamia nuts, fruits such as blueberry’s,raspberry’s,strawberry’s and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach,savoy cabbage,curly Kale,watercress and brussel sprouts.

Many of us have found that making this switch has resulted in vastly improved BG numbers,cholesterol levels and ratios,reduction or sometimes elimination of prescribed medications,weight loss when required and a good HbA1c level.

Of course this goes against the current guidelines and may appear to be a ‘leap of faith’ in the early days after diagnosis but I would encourage anyone to try this and see the rewards for themselves,what is there to lose but inches off your waistline and much improved blood glucose levels?


see here

All the best Jan

Lowcarb team member said...

Thanks for taking time to comment... glad to hear all is well.
I think this weekend is going to be typical Bank Holiday / Easter weekend weather ... Storm Katie is on the way to the UK ... so batten down the hatches so to speak.

I can remember you talking about your NY trip - have a wonderful time - and I agree " life is for living. We cannot live in fear."

Happy Easter Wishes

All the best Jan

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with T2D 2 1/2 years ago. The first year was OK, I had issues with meds and didn't eat much, I felt so bad. I think there was something else going on but my the doctors didn't pay any attention to that, suggesting it was all the T2D. A few months later I was feeling better and prescribed Glipizide. While eating the way the nutritionist suggested, 45g net carbs a meal and 15-20 carbs in 2 snacks a day, the weight went back on and my A1c sucked. Last September I was chastised by the doctor about my weight and test results... I was frustrated, did massive online searches and found HFLC. While my weight has not dropped much my body composition has changed and I can wear clothes I couldn't fit into a year ago when I weighed less than I do now. My blood sugar testing seems to stay in the normal range as well. In April I will have my next check with the doctor and I am hoping for a good check-up. Thanks for all the information you and other bloggers provide