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Thursday 10 March 2016

Here Are The People Coca-Cola Has Paid To Manufacture Health Claims

Coca-Cola released a list of the health experts and researchers it has paid off over the last five years. Who are they and what are they up to?

Last month Coca-Cola disclosed its practice of paying researchers and health professionals millions of dollars. It spent $21.8 million to fund pro-industry research and $96.8 million on partnerships with health organizations, including $2.1 million directly paying health experts.

I couldn’t stop wondering — what kind of health expert accepts Coca-Cola funding? Turns out that most are dietitians with a flair for local media outreach — a surprising number of whom could be played by Kristen Wiig in the made-for-TV movie of this scandal.

Of the 115 individuals Coca-Cola admitted to funding, here’s a breakdown:

By sector, 57 percent (65) are dietitians, 20 percent (23) are academics, 7 percent (8) are medical professionals (mostly Doctors), 6 percent (7) are fitness experts, 5 percent (6) are authors, 3 percent (3) are chefs, and 1 percent (1) are food representatives. I was not able to identify sectors for two of the funded experts.

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Anonymous said...

Well your article doesn't surprise me in the slightest! So called 'diet experts' my foot!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I feel about coca cola the same way I feel about any food.. It's what an individual puts in their own mouth that is responsible for any weight or medical problems they have, unless they are being force-fed :) It's too easy to shift blame don't you think?

chris c said...

But who tells the individual what is "healthy"? And who tells them what to tell us? THAT'S where the Big Money is being spent.