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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Birdy - People Help The People

Saturday night again and music night on this blog, where does the time go? This time next week the US election for a new President will be over. What a choice the Americans have to make, Clinton or Trump. I suspect most honest hard working Americans would never vote for either, of these two deeply flawed people, if they had other choices. Please be aware, I am not mocking Americans, we have many American friends. Indeed, we get more page views from the USA than anywhere else. The UK political scene is also riddled with corruption. lies and greed. But we must be positive, history tells us, good always overcomes evil. The truth always outs in the end, but so often at great cost. I believe the truth is worth fighting for. People help the people, help your people. Eddie


Sandi said...

"...good always overcomes evil."

This is the truth!

Mac n' Janet said...

I will not vote until have to, but vote I will, a terrible choice.

Adam said...

I still have a hard time understanding how Trump is even doing "well" in polls right now. But then again it was "too close to call" during Obama vs Romney and Obama won in a minor landslide.