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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

The British Dietetic Association, cyber bullying and the big payola scheme

Over at the excellent site which can be found here run by ace investigative reporter Marika Sboros, a thread is running called "CYBER BULLYING VIRUS – INFECTION SPREADS AMONG DOCTORS" My response over there is waiting for approval. I thought it worthwhile to post my comment here and elsewhere. Eddie

Just for the record, I have never stated RD Catherine Collins posts on sites using other names, however, I have stated the RD Chris Cashin has used various names on social media sites. I first became aware of Chris Cashin back in the day I joined the forum for profit site this was over eight years ago. Cashin posting as Ally5555 and constantly harassed low carbers, with negative doom and gloom re. the low carb higher fat diet. The low carb diet was proving to be the salvation of many diabetics and continues to be, to the present day. Cashin’s antics can best be described and understood in the post below, posted by at the time forum moderator, and well known low carb expert Dr.Katharine Morrison.

November 13th, 2008, 7:45 am link 1

“I think there would be a lot less hostility towards you Ally if you actually gave constructive advice to people. Many diabetics have not had a positive relationship with NHS dieticians, myself included. A few have had their problems listened to and appropriately addressed and I hope the situation will continue to improve.

I have yet to see a post from you which is written with the aim of helping someone get better control of their diabetes or improve their nutritional state. So far I have simply seen one post after another of the "Do not try this at home variety." None of your negative comments regarding low carbing have been substantiated by scientific evidence. I am patiently waiting for your scientifically based expose of the errors of Dr Bernstein's method and Gary Taubes collection of evidence. All we have got so far is personal opinion.”

Back to the topic of cyber bullying. The forum for a very long time was controlled by anti low carbers. Countless low carbers were banned over the years including type two diabetic and low carb expert Dr.Jay Wortman. When the well known in the UK Dr.David Unwin aka The Southport Doctor joined the forum, he was immediately labeled a troll. This ridicule has been allowed to stand to this day. “Forgive me if am wrong but I smell a low carb troll here” link 2

Clearly, the attitude of the management of the forum, regarding low carb has changed big time in recent times. I suspect this has come about, because they see some profitable mileage to be had, and the overwhelming evidence that proves a diet based on highly processed carbohydrates is very wrong for a diabetic.

It never ceases to amaze me, how the likes of Cashin and Collins bleat like lost lambs when questioned or critiqued, but are able to sleep in their beds, when in my opinion, they have sent countless people to an early grave. If this was just my opinion, it would be meaningless, but increasingly this is also the opinion of many healthcare professionals. As we are seeing, these brave, honest and highly qualified professionals, are being subjected to constant ridicule, court cases and threats. Meanwhile The British Dietetic Association et al are accepting funding from outfits such as Danone, Abbott Nutrition, Nestle, Cereal Partners, BelVita Breakfast Biscuits and Coca Cola. Can anyone be so naive to think, the BDA and it’s RD’s are not heavily influenced by the aforementioned companies.

One last point. It may surprise many to know, the BDA has no formal policy on what constitutes the correct diet for a diabetic, or what is considered to be a safe blood glucose level. How do I know, because Catherine Collins told me on twitter, just before she blocked me. Evidently it’s all down to Diabetes UK the charity. One thing can never be denied, the BDA and many of it’s RD’s are masters of passing the buck. Link 3

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3 is here. 


Galina L. said...

I wonder would a formally trained dietitian agree with a point of view that a diet for a diabetic should be based on blood sugar measurements?

Lowcarb team member said...

Galina L. said...

I wonder would a formally trained dietitian agree with a point of view that a diet for a diabetic should be based on blood sugar measurements?

That would be ideal but alas most dietitians would stick rigidly to the guidelines


Galina L. said...

It is hard to imagine arguments against a good BS control.