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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The British Dietetic Associations diet of slow death for diabetics.

In the UK we have an organisation called The British Dietetic Association the BDA. At every opportunity the BDA and it’s members quote the term “Trust A Dietitian” To me that implies others cannot be trusted to give sound dietary advice, it could mean, or imply, many do not trust a dietitian, but please trust us. Whatever it may mean to you, to me it is a strange slogan or statement. For instance, imagine walking into a Surgeon's office to see a sign on the wall pleading “Trust A Surgeon” or boarding a plane and seeing a sign saying “Trust A Pilot” Getting the picture. Almost all of us, trust completely, people who have earned the right to be known as medical professionals. In short, at times we put our lives, and those of our loved ones, in their hands. The success rate of medical professionals is very high, that is why many of us stay with our Doctors year after year. None of us believe our Doctor is a God that can cure all ills, but we TRUST him or her to do their best for us, that is all we can ask or expect.

What of another group of people, who want to be known as medical professionals, the group who plead with us to “Trust A Dietitian” what is their track record of successful outcomes? Abysmal! If we take as read, everyone needs to be given sound dietary information, let’s concentrate for now on the largest group of people in the UK with a chronic disease, namely diabetics. It has been estimated there are four million diabetics in the UK. Many are walking around and oblivious to the fact they are diabetics, at the present time, at least three million people have been diagnosed. Each year the audited NHS statistics tell us more people are becoming diabetics, each year the most important factor in diabetes control i.e. blood glucose control confirms no progress is being made, in fact the stats are totally atrocious.

Over 90% of type one diabetics and 50% of type two diabetics fail to get safe control of their blood glucose. Long term this leads to diabetics having the highest rate of blindness for working age people, the highest number of non trauma amputations and highest levels of kidney failure. It is my opinion the BDA and many of it’s dietitians have played a huge roll in this catastrophe. The BDA promote a diet to diabetics that almost guarantees failure for most diabetics. High in processed carbohydrates, which turn to sugars once digested, and low in fats man has ate for thousands of years. Did you get that “turn to sugars once digested” can you think of anything more ludicrous, than telling the most allergic to sugar people on the planet i.e. diabetics, to base their diet on sugar. How could this almost unbelievable situation have come about, you may be asking yourself. I suspect you will not be surprised to learn the BDA accepts funding from the following companies Danone, Abbott Nutrition, Nestle, Cereal Partners, BelVita Breakfast Biscuits and Coca Cola.

At this stage you may be thinking the future for diabetics looks bleak. Fortunately there's hope on the horizon. All over the world, true medical professionals from A1 rated Science Professors to Orthopaedic Surgeons, General Practitioners and honest and well informed dietitians have seen the light. Countless thousands of diabetics have followed the low carb higher healthy fat lifestyles, these medical pro’s promote, this has proved to be their salvation. Non diabetic blood glucose numbers, a reduction or complete withdrawal from medication (type two diabetics only) many active years added to their lives, the benefits list goes on and on. The savings in human misery and financial are incalculable. The BDA and other dietetic outfits response to the good news, ranges from ridicule on social media sites, to protracted trials of and legal threats, against those whose only interest is to help people to a healthier safer place.

One last point for today. For over eight years my diabetes medication has not changed (two Metformin pills per day). My weight has remained stable, I have suffered no ill effects from my low carb higher healthy fats diet whatsoever. Every blood test has proved, I took the right road to my diabetic salvation. For almost eight years, I have asked medical professionals and dietitians, how do I maintain non diabetic BG levels on two Metformin other than low carb? The silence has been deafening!



Debbie said...

good news that you have done so well. you are well educated and made some really good choices!!!

Lowcarb team member said...

Thank you for your kind words. The sad fact is all we promote is eat whole fresh foods from the farm or sea and stay away from junk masquerading as food. Unfortunately so many dietetic outfits and dietitians are on the junk food payola system. Always follow the money.

Kind regards Eddie

Conniecrafter said...

I tried to explain this to my older brother, he is the only one in our family with this and he just says he is going to follow what his doctor says, I think it is easier that way for him because he enjoys what they allow him to have, so sad

Lowcarb team member said...

Exactly the same for my Father, he followed the medics to the letter. He died riddled with diabetics complications. When he died, (he was a type two) on ingected insulin and ten medications. This does not have to be.

Kind regards Eddie

Anonymous said...

I feel that the delivery of nutritional care is an area that needs to be reviewed in terms of time and resources. Too often we see plans such as these;
Encourage high protein / high energy meals
Supplements bd / tds
Monitor bowels, U&E's
To review

Encouraging high protein, high energy foods should be standard advice in acute settings. Blood work and bowels should be monitored regardless and not require repetitive instruction. Ordering of snacks should be available at ward level. It would be beneficial for nutrition nurses to undergo additional training to deal with all nutritional issues including dysphagia, supplements and refeeding syndrome risk and be paid and valued for the exceptional service they already provide.

Nurses would not need to spend additional time reading medical notes, checking observation charts, speaking to ward staff to find out key information about their patient or food intake - nurses already know their patients clinical history and situation. Therefore, they would be best placed to carry out a full assessment at ward level and provide a more effective and efficient service.

Nutrition messages has changed over time as science has evolved, demonstrating that all scientists are equally positioned in becoming experts in the field of nutrition. Messages surrounding fat (particularly low-fat dietary advice) promoted by experts for decades is now in serious question by leading scientists world wide.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Eddie, they are a group who want to be known as medical professionals, and are therefore fiercely territorial over their patch.

Lynda said...

Well done to you Eddie. I have a diabetic friend and she just continues to eat crap. She will get sicker and sicker but won't take a blind bit of notice about changing her diet. Sadly because diabetes is an "invisible" disease initially, there is no convincing most people.

Jayne Gale said...

Dr William Davis cuts through the bs. Just test after a meal to see what various foods do for your blood sugar. Cost $25 meter, $25 for 50 test strips... Proof. LCHF the way to go. Got my mum onto it as soon as she was diagnosed diabetic 30 years ago. While she's watched friends go blind,confined to wheelchairs,have limbs amputated or die, at 80 she's not on insulin just tests after her lowcarb meal and if sugars high, walks until it goes down.

Magic Love Crow said...

Well done Eddie! I have a close friend and her father, who just won't listen and they are on so many pills and they both eat crap! I just don't understand!