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Wednesday 1 November 2017

UK's largest diabetes charity still flogging diet of slow death!

There is nothing like a serving of biscuits, jam and fudge to get those blood glucose numbers rapidly rising to dangerous levels. Some insulin users may be able to keep BG under control, but the majority of diabetics stand no chance. You would think a diabetes charity would stay well clear of flogging this sort of food, then again, if you know about the great diabetes con, maybe not.  Link to the DUK sugar and carb blow out here 



Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Sami said...

That's sad, they should know better than selling biscuits and jams to diabetics.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that just take the biscuit!!!
You would think they would know better.


only slightly confused said...

We would all be so much better off if we didn't have things like that in the house. I'm trying to convince my daughter of that very thing.

Magic Love Crow said...

That's not right!