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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

DCUK Carb Queen Phoenix wakes the joint up !

Some may have noticed I have been having a break from this blog lately, posts much reduced from me. I have also kept away from my favourite diabetes forum for a week or so. Let's face it, it's pretty much a quiz and word game blog these days. From a place that used to rock, to a great cure for insomnia, try reading it for ten minutes without nodding off, but all is not lost.

The worlds greatest carbs and meds pusher since Hope Warshaw, the one and only Phoenix is back with a vengeance. I have to be clear, I have a sneaky admiration for the hatchet faced Phoenix, she will fight to the death to misinform and confuse the members, and she is the last of the Mohicans, the last of the Kenny boys low carb anti clique still posting. What ever happened to Kenny boy, Carbo, Jopar et al ? Anyway back on the case.

A forum member posted a link to an article and said "some medical proof to endorse the LCHF way of living" linked below. The Phoenix was swiftly on the case stating "Confirmation bias? I prefer these articles" linking to some doom and gloom. You see Phoenix consumes a very high carb diet for a diabetic (around 60% of calories) and covers all sorts of junk with lots of insulin. That's cool with me, it's the fact she knows most of the members have not got insulin and a pump to fall back on that sticks in my craw. It was ever thus. What goes on in her head is a mystery to me. Is she a pump saleswomen ? does she flog meds ? is she a shill for big pharma ? who can say. One thing is for sure, the forum needs Phoenix badly, if only to keep members awake. BTW anyone seen Sid Bonkers lately, now there was a scream a minute.

One member who reminds of Sid is Spiker, a self styled foreman of the jury, who liked the OP's post and the comment by Phoenix, one confused lad methinks. That is understandable, as Spiker runs BG numbers that would frighten a Kamikaze pilot shitless. I won't mention the vocal engineer today, as I think she looks cute, but someone put her and Spiker straight on obtaining decent BG numbers please, we don't want all the fun members dying off.


Link to the flog here.

Post edit. Sam stop grovelling to phoenix please, what are you after ?

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