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Friday, 9 May 2014

Men the greatest curse to the human race ?

Tonight on Channel 4 news I watched a news article (called unreported world) on Madagascar. When twins are born they are viewed as a curse, they are considered bad luck and are often abandoned. This program showed beautiful kids, that almost anyone would want them, and love them as their own. The question I am asking myself again, WTF is wrong with us ? The local gurus and headmen say this must continue. Why are we so hell bent on destruction ? Why can’t we live in peace, why can't we live and let live ? Why do we allow the cancer of our souls to continue.



tess said...

:-) you should have said "mankind." i don't necessarily think that MEN are the greatest curse....

Lowcarb team member said...

OK call it "mankind" but you get my point !

Do we deserve to survive ?


Almond said...

A kind man is a rare find.

Anonymous said...

All need to evolve that is the way of the world. Many centuries ago the UK had and actioned what we now perceive to be shocking ways.

Nations will and do change but never overnight. Those who are fortunate to receive Education by missionaries, charity workers etc. will pass on changes that are more humane.

There is much in the world that is not right, and some changes are not always for the good.

The young are our future no matter where in the world they live and they should be protected. Here in the UK we have not the best of Histories when young children were asked to work in sometimes terrible conditions.

The Industrial Revolution came, went, evolved and still many do not find working and living conditions ideal.

We must all pursue what we feel is the right thing and Education is a big key to this.

I support Save the Children, I give a little each month, perhaps it eases my conscience, and I hope my small contribution does improve someones life. Had I seen the programme I would have felt distressed. I hope people, can ease the suffering and assist the mothers and children in Madagascar and other places where help is still needed.