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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

How Do You Shop ?

To a select few their favourite food shopping may be done at Harrods, or perhaps Fortnum and Mason. Indeed I have visited the Harrod’s Food Hall and it is truly amazing …the foods and wine that are available a wonderful array of great foods.
However, to us more ordinary folk, although a visit there may be enjoyed, in reality the family food shop is done at one of our main chain supermarkets. We all have our favourites …or perhaps it comes down to which supermarket is nearest to you.
In more recent times the local Farmers Markets are proving very popular, we have quite a few near to us that are well worth a visit…although it does involve a drive, they are not right on our door step. At Christmas, near to us, we have wonderful German Street Markets with some great meats and cheeses available to buy …amongst other things too….a different experience to try.
Some of us now do our shopping online and have anything and everything delivered at the click of a mouse.
When it comes to food shopping I still prefer going out to see and buy what I want to eat and drink. The range of foods that are available all year round, are of course so different to what it was decades ago. Foods are flown around the world, and food seasons are definitely a thing of the past. Having said that, I recall, when we first started on our LCHF lifestyle celeriac was not easy to find, but now six years later we can buy it in every one of our local supermarkets. How we shop, how we eat does seem to change and not always for the better.
There has been a lot of talk in the media how people are shopping differently. The financial pressures on people can be seen as more food stamps are being handed out and parcels from food banks are on the increase.
Here in the UK, recent consumer research has shown that more Brits are shopping at the value Supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. “More British consumers are saying they shop at Aldi, (see link here,) because they're under financial pressure and want straightforward value with no tricks. Though you will struggle to find fresh papayas at Aldi - their press office confirmed they don't sell them.”
Well papaya’s may be nice, but not essential to me. Now avocado’s are nice and form an essential part of the good fats I eat …and if Aldi sell them cheaper I will be getting them there next time……Oh, how I wish I could, unfortunately we do not have an Aldi near to us. So what do I do? I look for the best bargains available in shops near to me.
How do you shop? Have you found shopping has changed?
It would be interesting to hear your views.
All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

"How Do You Shop?"

I send the missus out.
Only joking we go to our local supermarket and look for bargains. Had some tasty blueberries the other day with double cream, not on a low carb cake though, shame.

Doug ( laughing out loud )

Anonymous said...

Living on quite a tight budget I look for bargains. They are available. Val

Galina L. said...

Small ethnic stores are often a good place to find a bargain. Oriental ones usually offer well-priced veggies. Big groceries companies toss the food which is close to the expiration day more readily, while small store try to sell anything.

tess said...

:-) i started to leave a comment, and ended up writing a tome.... i think i'll post it on my blog so as not to clutter your comments section. thanks for the inspiration, Jan!

Anonymous said...

I still prefer going out to food shops, but use online for other things likes books and dvd's.